S is for Sable

We had Spring for a little while. Then, yesterday, we had some sort of ridiculous March weather. Rain, freezing rain, snow, blowing snow…both Hubby and The Kid ended up taking a snow day. It was pretty darn bad weather!

But, just 4 days ago, Sable was standing nicely for The Kid to use the shedding blade on her.

Shedding Sable1She just stands and watches what The Kid is doing…

Shedding Sable2

“Whatchoo doing?”

Shedding Sable3Getting clumps of winter coat out…

While it seems like it might be a bad idea to brush it out, especially since the weather is unpredictable, the winter coat is releasing anyways. Once the winter coat is releasing, it’s not doing the job of insulating. Brushing it out just plain feels good.

Shedding Sable4That’s a happy horse, right there! 🙂 Not only have the itchy spots been scratched, but she got some great quality time with her Girlie.

When The Kid dashed up to the house to grab a treat for Sable, our Blonde Girl gave me the prettiest pose…

Relaxed and waiting for her Kid to come back...

Relaxed and waiting for her Kid to come back…

She such a sweet horse. ❤

S is for Sable…the big sweetheart who is shedding her winter coat!

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btw…look at the cat by Sable’s back hoof throughout the pictures. That’s our silly little Mip. 😛

Cookie’s Winter Coat

This is Cookie’s second spring with us.
The second time she’s come face to face with the shedding blade.
While she’s reacted better to it this time ’round (last year she bolted from me every time I tried to approach her with it in hand), she’s still unsure of what this thing has to do with her.

"You wanna do what to me?!?"

“You wanna do what to me?!?”

That face says it all!
So, Sunday, while Hubby had some quality time with Ruby, I just followed the big Dork around the pasture, letting her sniff the blade, and taking a few swipes off her as she would let me. And, to her credit, she did let me use it on her a few times. Ahhh, the joys of a nearly 10-year-old mare who just doesn’t understand grooming.
I kept telling her that I understood her reluctance-because I do understand that…without the experience to know that it does feel good, how can she be willing to submit to the grooming?-but at the same time I don’t understand-because I just don’t get how a horse gets to be her age, and doesn’t have the life skills to handle being groomed.

Well, I mean, I get it…lack of handling/training, people had no time for her, whatever…whatever reasons the other people had before now.
Doesn’t matter now.
My job is to help her learn.
Grooming does feels good (barring any skin conditions, and with the flax in her diet, her skin and coat are in great shape!), and it’s a wonderful bonding tool. I know the big idiot trusts me, so I’ll just keep pecking away at her “don’t brush me!” defenses and soon enough she’ll stand for a brushing that she’ll truly enjoy.

At the end of the time we were out with the Girls, I did manage to get her to stand still long enough to find a really itchy spot. Slowly, and carefully, I raised the blade and stroked her with it…she closed her eyes, leaned into the stroke and groaned. Yep, my Girl let a teensy bit of her Inner Brazen Hussy seep through…and here’s the proof:

It ain't much...

It ain’t much…

But it's proof that even old horses can learn to relax under the shedding blade.

But it’s proof that even old horses can learn to relax under the shedding blade.


SHS~March 23rd

Last full week of March, and last week before Spring Break for The Kid. Time is flying this year! I’m sure it has to do with the fact that we’re not still under 3 feet of snow. Last year, at this time, I still couldn’t see my fence out front, and, if The Girls had been able to *get* there, they could have walked right out of the pasture on the snow drifts.  Thankfully, my horses are more interested in staying home, near the food, than going on walk-about. 🙂
This year wasn’t as bad…we had 1 spot that was iffy, but, since Hubby could get into the pasture with the tractor much later in the season, he just kept going in and cutting the drifts so no equine could walk off, should she get the walk-about urge.

Soon, though, we start tomato seeds. YAY! This week, we start the peppers. All the while ignoring the fact that the weather folks are calling for snow for us.
Not worrying about it.

On to pictures! This weeks prompts are…What I Did Today, Green, Errand, In My Kitchen, and Something Old.
Shall we?

What I Did Today

The work that was on the table last week...

The work that was on the table last week…

Friday was the day I did this…I had been working the polishing for a little bit, and finally, it was ready to turn into jewelry. Hoof clipping, silver wire and raw emerald. Put together as a favor for my Kid. Her friend from the Stable had a birthday coming up, and this clipping is from her favorite horse.
I really wish this picture did the piece justice…I love how the clipping polished up, and how the structure of the hoof shows. It’s a gorgeous piece…this is one I would have worn myself, if it hadn’t been going on to someone else. 😉
To me, that’s a successful custom creation. When I’d wear it myself.
That’s what I did today (Friday).


GreenThe only green in my pasture right now is the big pine tree. It’s early yet. Soon enough there will be green grass growing everywhere, the chunky monkeys will enjoy eating it, and we can stop putting down hay for them.

For now, they’re just enjoying stretching out in the sunshine in the high and dry spots. That’s Sable (the pale shape on the far left in the willows) Ruby and Astrid sunbathing.


Daphne and the StickSend Daphne on an errand, this is what you get. A giant stick. Silly pup!

In My Kitchen

I had a bit of fun with this one…

In my Kitchen1I do all sorts of work in my kitchen. From cooking and baking, to sewing, jewelry creation and photography. I’ve been working on making a flowered head-dress for Sable with fabric flowers. The flowers that The Kid picked, also had these purple spiders in the bunches…which led to a couple of fun photos.

In my Kitchen2Besides, I live in the country. There’s always some sort of bug in my kitchen. This time, it happened to be one I put there myself. lol!

Something Old

Sable SchultzSable is my “wear anything, do anything” horse. Here, she is wearing a German WW2 helmet. I think being 70ish years old qualifies as “something old“, don’t you?

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R is for Rubbing Ruby…The Right Way!

I know it’s Sunday. Yes, I’m just getting to the Alphabe-Thursday. Busy week last week. It’s Spring, and we’re starting the building that we can do before the ground fully thaws. That means raised garden beds, the chicken coop, and a full-scale cleaning of Hubby’s shop. Once the shop is clean, oh boy, he’ll be getting right busy building!

Today, though, he took some time to spend some quality time with his Girl…

Quality TimeHe hasn’t had enough time to get out there with the Girls, so when he had the chance today, Ruby and Astrid were all over him. 🙂

Then, once Astrid wandered off…”Hey! Mom’s got her camera, I gotta help her! She can’t take pictures without meeeeee!!!”…he set about giving Ruby a whole body rub. Not quite a massage, just some hands on time.

"Yeah! That's the spot, Dad!"

“Yeah! That’s the spot, Dad!”

"That feels good"

“That feels good”

"Oh, oh, oh!! Itchy spot!"

“Oh, oh, oh!! Itchy spot!”

"Don't. Stop."

“Don’t. Stop.”

"Oh, so good!!"

“Oh, so good!!”

"*Sigh* Oh yeah, that was awesome."

“*Sigh* Oh yeah, that was awesome.”

Hahahaha!! As you can see, Hubby was rubbing Ruby in just the right way, to make her a happy, happy Girl.

R is for rubbing Ruby the right way. 🙂

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SHS~The Muddy March Edition

Oh, Spring has sprung! The snow is almost all gone, and the moisture is coming up out of the ground. We’ve had a few days of lovely double-digit above zero weather. So, so nice! The Girls have been loving it too, and even though we may see some below zero temps later on in the week, we’re not going to complain. After all, it’s not -40*C any more. 🙂

This weeks prompts are Time, On My Plate, Animal, Negative Space, and Photographer’s Choice.


These guys can tell time…I know they can!

When I step out the back door and horse bellies tell them it's time for beet pulp!

When I step out the back door and horse bellies tell them it’s time for beet pulp!

All those ears forward! lol! My chunky monkeys are waiting to see if the buckets are coming out, because they know, it’s time.

On My Plate

With the fabulous weather, we’ve fired up the bbq  a few times.

On My PlateAfter cooking indoors so much this winter, we were so happy to bbq some pork chops. I was very much looking forward to having this on my plate!


Dirty Girls!

Dirty Girls!

I know they’re horses, but after yesterday’s romp in the puddles and mud, they could pass for piggies too. That’s my silly animals for you. 😛

Negative Space

negative space

Photographer’s Choice

Alright, you get a few for this prompt. I couldn’t quite narrow it down to just one.

"Uh, guys? Mom's got the camera..."

“Uh, guys? Mom’s got the camera…”

I love Sable as the lookout here. Normally, they play and have fun until I come out with the camera. Then, it all stops. Not yesterday! They were way too focused on playing in that puddle.

Check out Astrid...

Check out Astrid…

Competing puddle splashers! In an effort to splash as much as the Paints, Astrid bobbed up and down a few times with both fronts.

Puddles are so much fun!

Puddles are so much fun!

Finally, one more…

cookie pigMy crazed dirty piggy, rolling in a lovely combo of poop and mud. That’s my special girl. ❤

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Q is for Quizzical Quarter Horse

1:  comically quaint <a quizzical old man>
2:  mildly teasing or mocking <a quizzical remark>
3:  expressive of puzzlement, curiosity, or disbelief <raised a quizzical eyebrow>

That’s our Astrid. She’s our Quizzical Quarter Horse.

Comically quaint...

Comically quaint…

Cute little photo bomber. Every time I take pictures, there’s at least one where she’s in it, even though I’m not photographing her.

Mildly teasing, mocking...

Mildly teasing, mocking…

“Ha! Mom may be taking your picture, but I’m in front! 😛 ”

Expressive of puzzlement...

Expressive of puzzlement…

“Why you no let me in the bucket?!?”

Expressive of curiosity...

Expressive of curiosity…

“Whatchoo doing? You need my help, Mom?”

Expressive of disbelief...

Expressive of disbelief…

“Whatchoo mean I can’t have dat bucket?!?”

Q is for Astrid the Quizzical Quarter Horse.

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More than a day late and a dollar short. 😉

P is for Patient

She’ll tell you she wasn’t waiting for me…

WaitingBut she was.

She waits for me a lot. She’ll hear the back door, and if she has clear line of sight to it, she’ll watch and wait. She knows I’ll come to her.
She’s patient like that.

If I’m not fast enough, she’ll nicker softly. If I don’t hurry up, she give me a murffle, then a snort…rarely, I’ll get a whinny. She’s not much of a whinnier. She’s a quiet Girl, waiting for her human.
She’s patient like that.

Her patience today paid off. She was a good Girl, doing every thing I asked of her, and so she was rewarded with one of her favorite treats. Candy cane knock-off Oreos.

EnjoyedShe had her cookies, she enjoyed a forehead rub, she relaxed through multiple kisses on that pretty face, she let me check her teeth.
She’s patient like that.

And when I was done…DoneShe quietly walked away. ❤
She’s patient like that.

P is for patient.

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