O is for Oats

My Girls do love their oats.

OatsThey’ll tell you they don’t get them as often as they’d like. Piggies that they are, they’d like to have them 3 times a day, every day!

Oats2This 50 lbs sack lasts us almost a year.

My Girls are pasture potatoes…meaning they very rarely do any work, and they don’t need the high energy super burst oats will give them. Think 1200 lb toddlers sugared up…that’s horses on oats!

So why do I buy oats?

They get oats added to their beet pulp slurry when it’s really super cold. Like -40*c cold. Even then, it’s less than 1/2 cup.

Oats3I have found, even though they **LOVE** their beet pulp, if it’s ridiculously cold, a little extra something is needed to make sure they eat it all. Especially if they have to stand in a cold wind to eat it…that’s going to change next winter, as we change our feeding stations over the summer.

The other time they get oats is as a reward after deworming. No one likes the taste of the dewormer, and to ease hurt feelings and unhappy tongues, we shake some oats out on the ground. 🙂

I also like to have oats on hand in case of a break out. We are very lucky, because the Girls are super respectful of the fencing. Ahh, but, things can happen with livestock, where they’ll jump a fence, or go through a fence. They’re prey animals, and you can never know 100% of the time, how they will handle things.
So, in the event we were to have a break out (knock on wood!!) all we have to do is call names and shake the oats bucket. Them Girls come a runnin’!
If they’re at large, well, they can be convinced to have a halter put on and a lead rope snapped on, while they have faces in a bucket of oats. That is well worth the $ spent.

Yesterday, I gave them a bit of oats in their beet pulp, and then, tossed out jolly balls.

"What the heck did she throw at us?!?"

“What the heck did she throw at us?!?”

Blue one is blueberry scented. No one was impressed with that one. Red is peppermint. Ruby was impressed with that one!

"I smell nummies!"

“I smell nummies!”

I was just proud of Cookie for sniffing, big chicken that she is. 🙂

Jolly Balls1She came at them from a few angles to be sure they weren’t going to kill her.

Then Sable got bored with it and wandered back to the fence.

Sable is helping me take pictures...

Sable is helping me take pictures…

Big goober kept fogging up the lens! Haha!
When I pushed her head away so the lens would clear, she stuck her muzzle into my neck and started licking me. Oy, that Girl! 😛
And then, Daphne decided to get brave and grab the jolly ball from Ruby and run! Silly mutt!

Daphne Jolly Ball

O is for Oats.

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5 thoughts on “O is for Oats

  1. Teresa says:

    They certainly do need extra when it’s that cold. Looks like they’re having fun with the toys!


  2. Gattina says:

    Oats is a nice word ! Love the pictures of the horses !


  3. One of my yearlings got loose one day and ended up in the parking lot of a furniture store harassing people. I showed up with the oat bucket and he ran past me back to the barn and into his stall. It was so funny! He was waiting for me when I got there and anxious for his oats.


  4. Anne says:

    They look so content and so well loved. I truly enjoyed your story here and am glad I made it over before we post the letter “P”. Have a great week as it is going by quickly. Thank you for the lovely photos.


  5. Anita says:

    Great pics! Wow! They seem to have a great time!
    I love the dishes you have shared. Wanna try them out 🙂


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