Zombie Snow Mares


Astrid Sno-Mare3She’s fallen…

Astrid Sno-Mare2And rolling…

Astrid Sno-MareEek! Zombie snow mare!!

"Oooats....I mean Braaains!!"

“Oooats….I mean Braaains!!”

It was contagious…

Cookie Sno-Mare3Cookie caught it…

Cookie Sno-Mare4She’s getting up…

Cookie Sno-Mare2Zombie snow mare!!

Shakin' off the Zombie virus!

Shakin’ off the Zombie virus! With a little photobomb by Astrid…of course!

Astrid and Ruby's bumTired Girl, after rolling and shaking off the Zombie Snow Mare virus…has to use Ruby’s bum as a pillow.

And, one to show that some of my best shots are not necessarily frame worthy…it was a surprise to find this one in editing.

Look! It's a horse's ass!

Look! It’s a horse’s ass!

^^^That shot just makes me giggle.

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5 thoughts on “Zombie Snow Mares

  1. Pierced Wonderings says:

    That lost shot makes me giggle too! LOL! I love them playing! How sweet! My sweet 8 year old lab has started going into the spare room and rolling around just like that on the carpet in there – paws in the air, grunting and rolling around like she’s having the best time. It makes me smile and think of her like the puppy she once was rather than the old lady she has become. Precious!


  2. Taryn says:

    Even the horses enjoy a good snow day! That last shot is quite funny!


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