Cookie Close Up

I got a little bit behind this week. I’m still working on the Scavenger Hunt images…I’m hoping to have them done and up before the linky closes. If not, well, I’ll still share, just a bit later. 😉

I’m working on editing some pictures for The Kid. Her school is having a contest where you share images of the Canadian flag flying anywhere in the RM. The prize is a flag and pole. Sweet! We’ve been wanting to get a flag pole put in since we bought here. Like a few other things, it got put on the back burner over the summer. It’s not a necessity, so it had to wait. Fingers crossed, for The Kid to win!

This week’s Macro Monday shots are of Cookie…again. Can’t help it. I love this Girl’s coloring, and her markings.

How can you not love this face?!?

How can you not love this face?!?

Love those short, fuzzy hairs...and the colors. She just makes me smile. :)

Love those short, fuzzy hairs…and the colors. She just makes me smile. 🙂

And then, this is what I get when she’s helping me take pictures…

Yup. That's right up my Girl's least she doesn't have any boogers up there. :P

Yup. That’s right up my Girl’s nose…at least she doesn’t have any boogers up there. 😛

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2 thoughts on “Cookie Close Up

  1. facileetbeaugusta says:

    Beautiful horse and awesome macros


  2. Impossible not to love every little hair, and that lovely face!!! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)


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