Macro Monday ~ The Eyes Have It





Not a true macro shot, but one I thought I’d share anyways… 🙂

Licking the snow.

Licking the snow.

Silly Cookie.

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First Scavenger Hunt Sunday of the Year

Prompts this week are New, Red, Breakfast, Simple, and Circle.



New jollyball!

Girls are unsure of this thing yet…it might kill them, but it smells good(peppermint), but it might kill them. 😉
On New Year’s Day, I ordered them a new blueberry scented one…we’ll see what happens with 2 of them in the pasture.


Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl’s halter isn’t as red as it once was. She’s hard on halters, that girl is.


Horse breakfast.

Horse breakfast.

That would be 50ish lbs of hay. They get that morning and night. If it’s cold, they get extra. If we find that 50 lbs isn’t lasting until the next feeding, they get extra. Breakfast though, is almost always the 50lbs…they spend more time during the day pawing and dozing, where at night, it’s colder and they tend to eat more.


I didn’t think finding a photo for simple would be so hard! I finally settled on this:

My breakfast.

My breakfast.

A simple cheese pizza. Home made, of course.



Hoof print

This would be Sable’s. It is quite large, and she has the biggest hooves in our pasture.

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H is for Horses

Last night at haying time, Cookie decided to be a turd. Herd dynamics are unstable right now, as Astrid is pushing to take over lead mare, and Ruby is pushing back, because she loves being the boss, which makes Cookie just plain grumpy. She tried to take that grumpiness out on Sable once the hay was down.

Now, for the most part, as long as everyone eats, and no one gets hurt, I don’t care what posturing and grumpy mare things they do. It’s just them being horses. What I care about is when these things happen when the humans are in the line of fire. Then it crosses over into disrespecting the real Lead Mare…me(and by extension, The Kid). And I ain’t puttin’ up with it!

Last night, once hay was down, and before Kid got out of the mix, Cookie tried to take a round out of Sable. Well, the answer is always to make the feet move on the shit disturber. So, Cookie had to move her feet…and the chase was on!

I had just gotten the wheelbarrow out, had Daphne running loose with me, and Cookie goes zooming by, with The Kid behind her…’round and ’round the pasture they go, every now and then, Cookie slowing, stopping, and The Kid asking if she’s ready to behave. Instead of turning to join up, she’d turn her butt to The Kid….which is blatant disrespect from a horse. Every time, it earned her a frozen horse turd to the butt, and off they went again.

I wish I would have had a chance to grab my camera, because  this included some full-out galloping by Cookie, and damn, she is one beautiful horse in motion!!
But, no, I had to hold Ms Daphne’s collar, because to her, this seemed like some grand game of chase, and oh, how she wanted to play! She’s a herding breed, and this game? Right up her little puppy alley!
As much as I’d like to let her go and play too, I know full well, Cookie will kick and stomp her to death. No joke, Cookie is not a fan of dogs. If Daphne is right next to me, she’s safe, but running loose around Cookie? Not so much. Therefore, I avoid having Daphne run loose around her as much as possible.

Oh, but the puppy excitement! I had a hold of her collar, because the gruff “down!” wasn’t working any more. Her herding instincts were starting to take over, and she was having a hard time focusing on my commands. Once I had her collar though, even though she was whining and crying to join the chase, she didn’t pull or squirm. At one point she had her front paws on my arm, and just kept looking at me and yipping, begging to be let go to join the chase. Her excitement was palpable, and it egged Cookie on.

Finally, on one of her gallops past, she bounced to a stop, and turned to come in to me…well, the join up was what Kid was after, but with her, not me. When The Kid got close she turned butt to Kid. I told Cookie that she had to be respectful of The Kid too, that turning to me wasn’t going to work. She had to afford The Kid the same respect she gives me. She gave me a snort and a sigh, made like she was going to run off again, then finally turned and offered, rather grudgingly, to join up with The Kid.
From there, The Kid and her have a moment, and then The Kid releases her to re-join the group to eat. From that second, I know it’s safe to let Daphne go, the excitement has dispelled, and I sent her out of the pasture with her big Kong chewy toy.

As I walked towards the gate, past my Girl, she sighed. I rubbed her shoulder, and told her if she’d hadn’t been so stubborn, The Kid would have let her back to the food sooner, and she wouldn’t have had to move her feet so much. In answer to that, she snorted,  twitched her tail, and walked off to join the others at the feeder.
Silly bum, she has to remember, even being my Love Pony, she has to be respectful of all humans, not just me. 🙂

H is for horses, hay, herding dogs, and herd dynamics.

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G is for Grooming

When its really cold outside, it’s hard to do much with the girls. At the same time, we don’t want them to get lazy about manners, so we have to suck it up and work with them anyways.

Usually that means grooming. And lifting feet. Always with the lifting of the feet. I swear, I’m going to have those Paints lifting in anticipation of asking. Eventually. 😛

After some brushing (Cookie is still unsure of this “running brushes over her body” thing), The Kid and I decided that we needed to make the Paints pretty…Girlie them up, if you will.

Here’s the best shots…

"Yes, I have flowers in my got a problem with that?"

“Yes, I have flowers in my mane…you got a problem with that?”

Such a pretty girl.

Such a pretty girl.

"What the heck is on my nose?!?"

“What the heck is on my nose?!?”

G is for Grooming, Girls and Girlie.

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Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2014

This is like the year ending scavenger hunt…Hosted by Ashley Sisk, it’s a reflection of your year in photographs. I love this idea! It took a bit of work to find just the right pictures, and for some of the prompts, I needed more than one image, but that’s okay. It was a lot of fun to put together.

Here we go…

1. Me!

Now, I am not a fan of pictures of myself…just not. However, this one, is one I really love. My Kid caught it, while we were working with The Girls, and I love how Cookie is completely engaged with me here…

Me and my bestest Girl. :)

Me and my bestest Girl. 🙂

2. I Love You

Thank goodness I don’t have to stick to one photo per prompt!

3 of my Loves

3 of my Loves…

3 more of them...

3 more of them…

Let's not forget Daphne!

Let’s not forget Daphne!

There are, of course, more. Like all the cats, indoor and outdoor, but we’ll save those for other prompts. 😉

3. Still Laughing

Oh, Astrid! That pretty little girl makes me laugh so often! She is our resident photobomber. No matter the shoot, there is a 98% chance of finding her in a shot somewhere during edits. Here’s a couple of her best ones. 🙂

Trying to take pictures of The Kid's first time on Sable.

Trying to take pictures of The Kid’s first time on Sable.

Cookie having a nap...

Cookie having a nap…

That’s our Astrid for you…these photos make me smile every time I see them. 🙂

4. Winter Wonderland

We had some crazy snow on the farm in 2014…was it a winter wonderland? I don’t know about that, but I do know, that I shoveled and pushed out more vehicles in Jan/Feb. 2014 than I have in my entire life!

That's Blizzard. She's a 2014 Ram 1500...yes, that's our driveway. She is stuck on about 3 feet of snow...give you an idea of how much snow we had pre-spring melt!

That’s Blizzard. She’s a 2014 Ram 1500…yes, that’s our driveway. She is stuck on about 3 feet of snow…gives you an idea of how much snow we had pre-spring melt!

This year is different…so grateful for that!!

No where near as much snow so far (knock on wood!!), and the girls are having a great time playing. :)

No where near as much snow so far (knock on wood!!), and the girls are having a great time playing. 🙂

5. Birthday

I don’t have pictures of The Kid’s birthday, or Hubby’s or mine…nope, I have pictures from when Cookie turned 9, and she got her Birthday Carrot.


Carrot6Ugh. Don’t look at those hooves. This was when we were still trying to get her to trust me enough to lift. Those fronts look much better now, with some darn good trims on them!!

6. Friends

It took a while, but these guys finally became friends…

The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery

Astrid came in January of last year, and oh my…it was an adventure. We were not prepared for a 4th horse. We had no way to separate her from the other 3, so they could get to know each other from a distance. It was, sadly, a trial by fire for Ms Astrid. Certainly not how I’d bring a new animal in again!

Exchanging breath greetings.

Exchanging breath greetings.

It was hectic and frantic, and all around hard on everyone. But we got there…they worked it out. Astrid and Sable bonded fast, and now, the two of them are best friends.

Telling Jokes

"Do you mind? We're having a private conversation here!"

“Do you mind? We’re having a private conversation here!”

Love that big soft eye on Astrid. She also has the start of the relaxed droopy lip. :)

Love that big soft eye on Astrid. She also has the start of the relaxed droopy lip. 🙂

7. I Was Inspired…

I have loved the looks of horse hooves for years. This past year, with the Girls coming home, and facing regular hoof trims, gave me the raw materials to explore using hoof bits for jewelry. Trying to find a unique gift for my Kid inspired me to pick up the goldsmith tools and create a few pendants. I have a few more ideas in mind for hoof clipping jewelry, and I’ll explore that in the coming year. 🙂

Cut and polished, ready for the inspiration to hit.

Cut and polished, ready for the inspiration to hit.

Elements I am drawn to use in creating hoof jewelry.

Elements I am drawn to use in creating hoof jewelry.

A sample final product...this one belongs to The Kid.

A sample final product…this one belongs to The Kid.

8. Spring Fever

Spring fever means one thing around here…crazy cantering horses!



9. Travel or Vacation

No such thing as a vacation for me. I’m good with that. Why would I want to leave all that I have at home ?
I do travel at times though…one of the places I travel to is the stable where The Kid take her riding lessons. There, I take pictures of other people’s horses, instead of my own.

Queenie and Kingston

Queenie and Kingston

Like these two ^^^^ who came in March, just wee teeny things.



Look at how tiny she is!! She’s not that small any more…Girl is going to be a tank when she’s done growing! A gorgeous tank. 😉



He’s grown a lot too, but next to Queenie, he’s still small. Adorable, and such a sweet, friendly little fellow too.

10. Summer Days

Summer days…oh, the best shoot of the summer has to be the Sow Thistle shoot! Giant dandelion like flowers, 4 horses, 2 people and a camera…how can that not be awesome?!?


She gave to Sable first.

Ruby Astrid Sow Thistles

11. A Day In My Life

Ooooooh boy…this is an interesting one. I could show you piles of poo. Goodness knows there’s a lot of that in my day! I could show you the house work I’m supposed to do…or the myriad of projects always on the table, waiting for finishing and traveling on to their destinations. Nah, instead I’ll show you the best part of a day in my life…



Getting to spend time with her really is the best part of my day. ❤

12. All Smiles

Can horses smile?

"Oh yeah, that's a good spot!!"

That’s the smile I get when I hit the sweet spot while scratching…

Smiling SableOur Sable smiles a lot!!

Lazy Cookie4This one makes me smile, because she so enjoys a good roll. And, I have to restrain myself from patting her on the tummy when she does it! 😛

Another one that makes me smile...she popped up from a roll and was genuinely surprised I was taking her picture. She then trotted over to give kisses. <3

Another one that makes me smile…she popped up from a roll and was genuinely surprised I was taking her picture. She then trotted over to give kisses. ❤

13. Autumn Harvest

My garden was under water for much of spring, and well into summer. We had a rain storm on July 1st that covered the pasture with nearly 6 inches of water, and my garden was completely under water. So when the fall came, and I took a chance on digging up the meagre carrots, I was happily surprised to see we had quite a few of them! Only problem was they were bitter and woody. Awful for humans, awesome for horses…

Kid had put them int he trough for Sable to bob for...she didn't like that, and Kid had to fish them out and hold them for her.

Sable did not enjoy bobbing for carrots…

14. Family or Home

midnight calico2.1It’s Home…for us, for the Girls, for Daphne, for all the cats…Home. Whether it’s always this plot of land, or we move to another one (no, we are not planning to move!!), Midnight Calico Farm will always be Home.

15. Celebrate!

There were so many things to celebrate in 2014. I could fill a post with just Celebrate! pictures…
~ Kid getting up on her girl for the first time.
~ Sable lunging on the surcingle (her and Kid were having problems communicating, ’til we got help from an awesome friend).
~ Kittens.
~ Ruby with her pretty purple halter on.
~ Cookie being haltered.
~ Cookie wearing her blanket.
~ Cookie wearing the scary camo cap.
~ Cookie wearing her halter where I didn’t have to have help from anyone else, and I didn’t have t put her in the corral panel stall…
Yeah, there were a lot of Cookie moments to celebrate. One of my favorites, though is her learning to be ground tied. This was huge. She’s uncomfortable being tied to the fence (we’ll work on that in the summer, after Hubby builds me a hitching post.), but I don’t always have someone out in the pasture to help when I’m lifting feet, rubbing her back, grooming her, or whatever…so, she needed to learn to stand ground tied. Lead rope attached to halter, but left in a pile on the ground. No moving, no walking away, staying put and doing as I ask. It was a big thing to ask her to do, and she does it beautifully. 🙂

"Okay. I'll wait here"

“Okay. I’ll wait here”

16. Let’s Do It Again!

It’s the new year, and that means I am looking forward to the garden. I cannot wait for seed starting, then planting out in the garden, tending the plants, harvest, and putting up the veggies of my labours. 🙂

Poppies peppers sunflowersPoppies, peppers and sunflowers.

Awesome, right?

Awesome, right?

The amazing light stand. Can’t wait to use it again!

17. I Miss You

It wasn’t last year we lost her, but I kept finding pictures of her last year.

My OldWoman, waiting for a cough candy.

My OldWoman, waiting for a cough candy.

She loved Fisherman’s Friends. My Dad taught her how to cough for them.

Playing in the snow.

Playing in the snow.

She really hated having her picture taken. Always turned away like this. We lost her March 23rd, 2013. Just months before we bought the farm…Her ashes are here, and in Spirit she runs over the fields of Midnight Calico Farm. Too many days, I find myself wishing she had run here on 4 paws too.

Last picture I ever took of her...

Last picture I ever took of her…


18. Beautiful

Astrid is a beautiful girl, wearing her pink straw hat.

Astrid's Hat

19. Dress Up

Sometimes, that’s all I have to share, are “dress up” pictures of the horses! Here’s a few favorites…

Astrid, looking beautiful in the sunshine.

Astrid, looking beautiful in the sunshine. I didn’t even tweak the color in this shot…she really is that red in the sunlight!

"I am Queen Ruby. Feed me!"

“I am Queen Ruby. Feed me!”

"I do, don't I? I'm awesome."

“I look awesome.”

She knows she's pretty!

She knows she’s pretty!

20. Macro

From the C is For Cookie shoot…

C is for Cookie6Cookie Monster kisses Cookie Meister.

C is for Cookie1

21. Holidays

A few from summer holidays…

Pretty CookieHow does a horse so beautiful, so smart, and so even-tempered, end up at auction, with only the meat man and a rescue group bidding on her? I honestly cannot figure out how she ended up there…all I know is now she’s mine, I am hers, and she will never face the ring again.

Sable“Here Mom, I brought you some water.” 😉

Ruby WaterOur unicorn in disguise.

Oh yeah! That's the spot!

So. Darn. Itchy!!

22. My Favorite

I have many shots that I took this year that I love…this one, is one of the best!

"Need a nap now..."

“Need a nap now…”

23. Don’t Ever Change

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a little girl.

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a little girl.

This bond…it is amazing. I hope it never changes. That our Sable always loves her Girl. That the Kid never takes that love for granted.

24. Just Because…So There!

There's my Bitchy Reindeer.

There’s my Bitchy Reindeer.

I. Love. This. Shot.
That’s all. 🙂

25. Hopes and Dreams

Max CatUsing MaxCat to look to the future…

I hope that 2015 brings us all happiness, good health, and growth.
I hope we see an increase in farm sales…cards, photo prints, hoof jewelry, slippers, saddle pads…soon eggs too, once the chicken coop is up. 😉
I dream of helping my Cookie learn to be ridden…once her hooves are healthy!
I dream of the Kid coming home from school, Hubby from work, and we saddle up and go for a ride together.
I dream of when our back field is fenced, and seeded for pasture. 2 years before that dream happens. It’s okay, I need to save up for the seed.
I Dream of the day when no more horses need to be rescued from becoming someone’s dinner. I Hope that one day, in my lifetime, that Dream comes true.

Lilac bud

Lilac bud

Happy New Year friends of Midnight Calico Farm!!
Looking forward to see what the new year brings.