SHS~January 25th

What a week! We had some fantastic weather, snow melted, I picked mud…MUD!!!…out of hooves, groomed muddy horses, and now we’re back to below freezing. It’s been an interesting one, that’s for sure. Thankfully, the warmth made it so all I needed to do was a quick pile picking in the shelter, instead of a full clean out. Yay! No one wants to be inside when the weather is warm, and the sun is shining. My Girls sure enjoyed sunning their bums!

The prompts this week are Relax, In my Cup, Light, Looking Down, and Weather.


Horses yawn for a myriad of reasons…stress, discomfort, relaxation…just like us humans. I have a pretty good handle on my Girls moods, and I know what’s going on with them when I see yawns. These yawns were definitely because they were relaxed…

Right after a grooming session.

Right after a grooming session.

Ruby is a tramp when it comes to grooming. Brazen hussy. Brush whore. We have learned that grooming gets what you want from Ruby before food. Yup, Girl does love a good brushing.

In fact, right before this yawn series, Kid had her front hooves in hand. No panic, no “gimme my foot back!!”, no side stepping…just “Oh, you want that? Okay.” πŸ™‚

Clearly, the trick is to get her to relax with a good grooming, then ask for feet.

There's my relaxed Girl. <3

There’s my relaxed Girl. ❀

This one ^^^^ just did something scary, and learned that it wasn’t so bad. Hubby hooked up the lead rope, walked her away from me, then showed her the German WW2 helmet, while I took pictures. She was on edge, not knowing where Mama was (she is a huge Mama-suck! That’s okay. I love that her and I have bonded so well. I just plain love her. πŸ™‚ ), and it was tough for her to trust Daddy.

But she did it, and he rewarded her with a few pellets, which made her relax almost instantly, and brought on the yawns. I am very proud of her!

In My Cup

Coffee, in one of my favorite cups.

Coffee, in one of my favorite cups.


I love this shot of my Girl…



I found it to be washed out though…we had some sunlight peeking through the clouds, and between the fence and snow, it just washed out. So I played with the colors, contrast, and lightness until the shot looked like this… My Love color adjusted scaledI am much happier with this version…Oh, but then, I desaturated, to get a black and white image… My Love color adjusted scaled bwAs far as I’m concerned, this one is perfect. Stripped out the color, bumped the lightness up and there we go…beautiful.

Of course, when it comes to Her, I am biased. I admit it.

Looking Down

We tried to get Daphne to wear the German helmet…German Shepherd dog wearing a German helmet…yeah, would have been awesome! Daphne, however, does not understand Mama’s need to make her wear stuff, and refuses to do it.

So, we tried sitting her next to it. She spent a good 10 minutes looking down at it and sniffing, sniffing, sniffing…

"This smells so interesting!"

“This smells so interesting!”

Once the sniffing was done, Hubby caught her attention, I hit the button, and kept shooting, until this…



Best shot of the entire day!


As I said above, we had some lovely weather this week. Well above normal temperatures. We even hit a high of +5c! Of course, that weather brought melting and mud. Oh, and who figured out fast that getting caked in mud means a grooming?!?

Brazen Hussy

Brazen Hussy

Yep, you guessed it. Our Ruby Girl.

Have a look at how well she caked that mud on her bum!

Holy mud, Ruby!

Holy mud, Ruby!

πŸ˜› That’s our Ruby.

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  1. Tamar SB says:

    We’re about to get snow, major snow – which means mud in March! Your horses are stunning!


  2. Janice Trinh says:

    oh i love all your shots. i have never seen horses yawn before. how interesting! and i do think that black and white one is the best one. contrast is just perfect!


  3. willothewizp says:

    I love horses, amazing photos!


  4. Abrianna says:

    Cute cup and I love the second shot of your shepherd-perfect. And the enhanced shots of Ruby are lovely.


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