SHS January 19th

Another week of Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and late again. Ah well, I’m notorious for being late. If it wasn’t for Hubby, I wouldn’t get any where on time! πŸ˜‰

Prompts this week are Starts with J, Kindness, Three, To Do, and Shoes.

Starts with J

Joy…joy starts with j.

Oh, Sable...

Oh, Sable…

In the summer, this trough is used for water.

In the winter, we use it as a hay feeder. It helps reduce wastage from them peeing or pooping in the hay, and keeps it contained when there are crazy winds.

Our Sable takes particular joy in standing in the trough. I had hoped this year she wouldn’t. We’ve been keeping the snow pack shoveled out, so that it’s not as easy to step into there, but she managed it anyways. Brat. While it’s cute that she stands there to eat, she still spooks when Ruby or Cookie come up behind her, and I worry about her hurting herself trying to get out in a hurry.


kindnessI believe in treating all our animals with kindness, but this Girl ^^^, just a little bit more so…Sable is a very sensitive girl, and, believe it or not, gets hurt feelings easily. It comes with her being at the very bottom of the herd order.

When the hay wagon comes in, the rule is, no one eats until the human says so. We control the food, as herd leaders. So, if we have pushy behaviour, the rude horse gets chased back to a respectful distance. Rarely do we have to do this with Sable, but those times we have had to, she wears a very hurt expression, like she cannot understand why she’s been disciplined.

So, while rude behaviour is never excused, with Sable, once she’s invited back in, we treat her a little bit more gentle, show a little more kindness.


threeThese three manage to eat just fine without standing in the trough. Just Sable feels the need to stand right in the food.

To Do

On the daily to do list, is picking up as many feet as possible. We have 16 hooves out there, and normally I get 12, sometimes 14 picked up…it’s them darn Paints. They are better than they were last year at this time, but they’re still not at the same lifting skill level as Astrid and Sable.

Kid lifting Sable's rear hoof...

Kid lifting Sable’s rear hoof…

I am thankful that we’ve had a week without ice balls. Picking ice balls out of hooves is such a pain, especially with those Paints, but it’s just one of those things a horse owner has to do.


Sable's bare hoof.

Sable’s bare hoof.

No shoes on my girls!
Luckily, none of my Girls need them.
I’m not anti-shoes, but I am pro-barefoot. If that makes any sense. πŸ˜‰

What I mean is, if my Girls can stay barefoot, and be healthy, with no lameness issues, then, that’s the way I want them to be. However, should they, for what ever reason, need shoes, then, that’s what we would do.
At the end of the day, it is, to me, all about the health of the horse, and the very best way for them to have the best quality of life possible.

That hoof, by the way, is at about 12 weeks since her last trim. She’s definitely over due…weather has played a huge part in this, plus a wee bit of bad luck for Hubby.

We had planned a horse shelter expansion, that included a wind break spot specifically for hoof care. Just one week before building, he had an accident at work, and tore the tendons in his foot. That meant postponed building plans until spring…which put us (and our awesome trimmer) back at the mercy of the elements.

We do have a week or so of fairly nice weather coming, so hopefully, we can fit into Michele’s schedule. πŸ™‚

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