Alphabe-Thursday…E Edition

The last month or so has seen a push for getting projects done. That time before Christmas is a busy one for anyone who makes things for sale, and that includes me. I pulled a few all-nighters to get slippers done for mail-out, and at least one to finish some saddle pads for sale.

Then there was the big excitement of the Santa photo shoot at the stable. That was awesome! Exciting, a great experience, and the joys of pushing my skills in editing. I’ll share a few of the animal shots with y’all…I can’t share the ones with people in them because I don’t have permission to do that. You’ll just have to trust me that they turned out fabulous. πŸ˜‰



This guy hung around for repeated Santa hat treatments. Actually, he just wanted to sleep on the straw bales we were using as props. That put him in the line of fire, because no animal goes un-Santa hatted during a photo shoot!



Joe was rewarded with a few good slurps out of my coffee cup for sitting so nicely.



This is the StableMistress’ horse, and he is just the sweetest boy. Yeah, he looks a little grumpy, but he just got in trouble for not standing still. lol!
It’s more of a pout…”I’m standing here for this becauseΒ  Mom told me to, and because I’m a Good Boy…but I don’t have to like it.”

As for editing…I got to remove bird poop from a wooden wall, remove someone’s arm from a shot, and play switcheroo with a horse’s head. Pretty cool stuff. πŸ™‚

This past Monday I got up and realized all my projects were done, and off the table. That’s when the wall hit me, and the exhaustion caught up with me. I spent 2 days just wandering around the farm aimlessly. Tossing the kong for Daphne, rubbing horse bums and backs, and just decompressing. I discovered that the exhaustion went so deep that I haven’t picked up my camera all week. Yeah, that’s something strange for me.

Yesterday I found the malaise was pushing down a little too hard, and tried to figure out the best way to fight it. Then it dawns on me, I have the very best therapy for fighting off the darkness.

So, I suited up in my winter gear, locked the pup up in her kennel, and went out to the pasture, where I brushed and rubbed my Girl. When I was done with that, I just leaned on her while she dozed. Which brought to mind my very favorite Fergus the Horse comic…

Fergus "Smell the Horses"When this was uploaded to the Facebook page, it had this caption with it…

“Dear horses everywhere,

You might think that all humans are the same. But they actually have very different personalities, just like horses. Some want you to work. Others will just put their face into you mane and breathe deeply.

Always let them do that. It’s good for them. Kindest regards, Fergus”

Yeah, that was what I needed to do. Enjoy the scent of my Girl, and ground myself.

Cookie and the Dog ToyToday seems to be much better, but then, an hour out in the cold, leaning on the bestest horse ever will do that for you! I think once the sun is up, and the inside chores are done (or close to done) I’ll grab my camera, a Santa hat, Hubby’s Winnipeg Jets toque, a bundle of silk poppies, and we’ll see what happens.

I’m glad to have my energy back. πŸ™‚

E is for Excitement, Experience, Editing, Exhaustion, and Energy.

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6 thoughts on “Alphabe-Thursday…E Edition

  1. artmusedog says:

    Yes, holidays can deplete of energy ~ ‘why music composition has rests in it’ I constantly remind myself ~ Great photos!

    Happy Holidays
    artmusedog and carol


  2. Toosh says:

    Cookie in the morning light….so pretty.
    And is that a Midnight photo bomb?….
    I bet the stable photos were fun, these few look lovely.
    Merry Christmas to all at the farm.


  3. Jim says:

    You have pretty horses. I rode my Minnie to high school for my freshman and sophomore years. Then I drove Dad’s pickup to town high school for the last two years. That was Nebraska. πŸ™‚
    I slept for 27 hours straight once while in college. I had been up without sleep for two days working sandbags to help save Omaha from flooding.


  4. Deb says:

    Maybe Samson just wanted to be a horse and not a reindeer? Great photos. Enjoy your holidays {:-Deb


  5. Anne says:

    Beautiful photos! Love it all!


  6. How excited! I love your clever and fun pictures!

    Samson looks especially excited!

    Thanks for the smile and the link to the letter E.



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