Dog Toys

I have some odd horses… The kong toy Daphne has in front of her in the “D is for Delayed” post is something the horses love.
Well, not Cookie.
Astrid is fascinated by it, and because she sniffed and licked it, Ruby wanted to see…

Sniffing the dog toy...

Sniffing the dog toy…

I had a moment, a couple of weeks ago, where I threw the kong, it ended up in the pasture, Astrid grabbed it, ran off, and Daphne chased her…barking, of course! Sable saw Daphne chasing Astrid, and decided to chase her.
This could have all gone so wrong, so fast!

Astrid dropped the toy after spinning and changing direction on Daphne. While Daphne tried to turn and grab it, Sable snatched it up and took off…so Daphne chased her! Thankfully, when I yelled at Sable to “Drop it!!” she did…so Daphne grabbed the kong, and ran out of the pasture.

I swear, I aged 30 years in 5 minutes.

So, I bought The Girls a peppermint scented jolly ball. It’s pretty much a giant kong toy…for horses. I haven’t given it to them yet. The pasture had a layer of ice, from the freezing rain, so once that’s gone, they’ll get it. And, there will be pictures. 🙂

One more macro for today…my Cookie’s lips. I ❤ this horse’s mouth. The colours, the soft fuzziness of her hair…everything. She just makes me smile. Macro Cookie LipsSharing with Macro Monday 2 and I ❤ Macro.


2 thoughts on “Dog Toys

  1. Molly says:

    Great shots of their soft mouths



  2. Karen says:

    I adore horses and can spend hours stroking their soft nostrils. Wonderful close-ups!


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