A is for Astrid

I’ve been waiting patiently for Alphabe-Thursday to come back around to A. I’ve been wanting to join in for a while now, but thought I should start at the beginning. šŸ™‚



Yes, she’s a little pudgy…but look, she’s standing almost knee-deep in hay. And winter is coming, so it’s alright for her to have a little pudge. Girl has to stay warm some how.

Astrid3 20.11.14Sometimes I can take pictures of Astrid while she’s far away. I’ve learned to take them fast though, because she is such a pocket pony.

"What's that beeping?"

“What’s that beeping?”

The sound of the camera focusing always gets her attention. Funny girl.

Yum, minerals!

Yum, minerals!

Enjoying the mineral block.

Enjoying the mineral block.

Sharing with Cookie...love those big QH bums!!

Sharing with Cookie…love those big QH bums!!

Sharing with Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday.
A is for Astrid.


5 thoughts on “A is for Astrid

  1. I’m a sucker for a big QH butt also! I have Arabs and 1/2 Arabs. She’s so cute. I’d rather see them a little pudgy than a little skinny…

    Welcome to Alpha Thurs! It’ll be nice to have another horse person on board…


  2. Deb says:

    she’s got a beautiful face, like most horses. Welcome aboard! {:-Deb


  3. Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise says:

    Ahh, Astrid is a beauty! She’s not a skinny model, she’s a REAL beauty! Glad you’re joining in AlphabeThursday — it’s fun!


  4. Astrid is gorgeous!

    And fluffy is always better.

    At least that’s my motto! ha!

    Thanks for a beautiful link to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter A.



  5. Esther Joy says:

    Astrid is beautiful! I love the star on her forehead!


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