Poppies are one of those flowers that we love here on the farm. They are beautiful and so meaningful. I have had a photo shoot in mind using poppies for a while now. Of course, this time of year, it’s impossible to find live ones. I had to settle for silk flowers. Oh, but, trying to find silk poppies was crazy! It took more than a month of searching, until I finally found a nice bush. But…they are Oriental Poppies, the ones I bought, not the Flanders’ Poppies I was looking for…great for equine photo shoots, but not right for the other one I have in mind.

I do have some silk Flanders’ Poppies on loan from Farm Friend Toosh’s Mom, but I did not want to chance those out with the horses. Good thing too, because both Sable and Astrid thought they should eat them. πŸ˜‰

I tried a couple of things…I held the bouquet out, let the Girls sniff, and snapped away. I also tried laying it on the ground and shooting whatever happened-that stopped when Sable picked the whole bouquet up and tried to eat it. Silly girl!

Here’s the best shots from yesterday’s round of photos…





I know the focus is off on this one, but I love Ruby’s big eye here…so soft and inquisitive. Makes the shot, for me.

Sable...trying to take a bite

Sable…trying to take a bite

And my favorite…




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    Very pretty.


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