Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I made it back!
After a few weeks off, finally, I’m back to the Hunt. Yay! A great week for it too, because the prompts are simple enough…Favorite 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. That, I can do!

Favorite # 1

Ruby and Sable

Ruby and Sable

For our new readers…Ruby is the paint, Sable is the palomino.
With the weather moving towards winter, the girls have been getting warm beet pulp mashes, and they get a little rambunctious afterwards. Ms. Ruby is always trying to stir up the games, and here she stirred Sable up good.

Favorite #2

Rolly Poly RubyBefore she decided to stir Sable up, Ruby had herself a really good roll.

Favorite #3

Rolly Poly Ruby2Plus a little jump and buck after she got up from her roll…then she went right at Sable.

Favorite #4

Oh, then things got real silly!

Oh, then things got real silly!

I love Cookie on the ground…”Hey! I’m rolling here…be careful!”

Favorite #5

They didn't listen, they played anyways.

They didn’t listen, they played anyways.

Bonus shot…

beet pulp asshattery3

That’s my silly Girls for you! Some times, Girls just want to have fun. 😉

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A Bit of Catching Up

I realized yesterday that I’ve been remiss here, with only the Alphabe-Thursday posts in a week’s time. So, I figured I should catch everyone up on why I haven’t been here…

I’ve had some deadlines I’ve been working on. This coming weekend is a new and used tack sale at the barn Kid takes lessons at, and so I thought it would be a great chance to pop some saddle pads in. I’ve pulled a few all nighters, just to make sure I got them done in time…and I did! Probably wouldn’t have had to, but last week the time went out from under me…

My Odin cat, my large indoor orange boy, had a seizure. Needless to say, after that, all thoughts of sewing went out of my head. I did talk to our vet, and since he came back to himself fairly quickly, we’re going to go the “watch his diet and monitor his behaviour” route. He’s an overweight cat, with urinary issues, so at nearly 11, with more than half his life being on a high sodium cat food, this is to be expected.  Without tests, we won’t know exactly what caused the seizure, but from what I was able to tell the vet, he’s thinking it was a stroke. 😦

Add to that, a couple of weeks ago, I bashed in the door on Blizzard, our new truck. We had gone grocery shopping, and as I got out, the wind pulled the door right out of my hand, and it hit the car next to us. *sigh* Smashed the mirror off the car, and dented both doors. So, Hubby and I wrote down the license plate #, went into the store and paged the owner. Thankfully, she worked there, so there was no chance of missing her. It was a stupid, dumb mistake on my part, not holding the door better, and it cost us. At least it didn’t cost the other car owner anything…other than the time and aggravation of getting her car fixed. I feel bad about that.

On the plus side though…

I have been asked to do the photo shoot for Santa Pictures at the barn Kid rides at.
So, I’ve been busy playing with lighting, and a tripod, and editing…I want to be sure I take the very best shots I can! I don’t want to use flash, because I find it really shows, but I don’t want to have to set up extra lights either. That will slow the whole process down, because you don’t want funny shadows on anyone so having to move people/horses or lights between each group is not going to work.  That means working the camera settings for all they’re worth, and editing the rest.

Here’s some samples from last weekend’s play around…with my 2 very handsome assistants!

Hubby and Deimos

Hubby and Deimos

This horse loves having his picture taken…he’s very good-looking, and he knows it. 😉

B and D2The poop wagon won’t be there, and the space will be decorated festively, with straw bales for the humans to sit on.
Once the area is set up, I’ll re-shoot some shots, and make sure I’m happy with my camera settings.

B and D3This shot is a little warmer, because I adjusted the color brightness in editing. I love how Deimos is so focused on the camera here…”Yeah, yeah, I hear you Human, but camera!! I must pose!”

Mr. D on his own...

Mr. D on his own…

Yeah, I think we’ll make it work just fine. 😉

For fun, here’s one of Deimos in the arena, when Kid was still on his back…

bw D2He is so good-looking. Tongue and all.

Oh, and here’s a couple of “after beet pulp” asshattery shots of The Girls…

Oh that Ruby...always looking to start some shit!

Oh that Ruby…always looking to start some shit! Sable is ready and willing to go with her!

Oh yeah, it's on now!

Oh yeah, it’s on now!

And Astrid...while the other 2 play, she's going to each pail to lick the last drops of beet pulp out. :)

And Astrid…while the other 2 play, she’s going to each pail to lick the last drops of beet pulp out. 🙂

And now, back to work for me…I still have a couple of moccasin orders to get done and mailed out so folks have them for Yule!
I’ll have some more “post beet pulp” pictures for you Sunday. 🙂

B is for Beet Pulp

I spoil the horses. I admit it, they are spoiled rotten. If I had a barn, they would be pampered pony princesses. But I don’t. One day, but for now, they have a 12×14 shelter, and a thick stand of willows to hide from the elements. Most times, we find them out grazing, no matter what the weather is doing.

As it’s been getting colder, I have added warm mashes of soaked beet pulp to their diets. The main reason I added it was because our Sable didn’t seem to be getting her winter woolies in as thick(or as fast) as she did last year. Knowing that she had trouble with some of our super cold days last year and we had to purchase a blanket for her, I figured we’d get some extra energy going into her. And, in this herd, you can’t give to one, and not the other 3. Especially when the one who needs it most is the Omega.

Nutritionally, my Girls are doing very well, we have a high quality hay, fork fed twice a day (or more when it’s cold!), free choice mineral/salt blocks, and fresh clean water 24/7, so they really don’t need much of anything. Beet pulp was the best choice.

This is what it looks like...

This is what it looks like…

Beet pulp is what’s left after the sugar has been removed from sugar beets. It’s dried and compressed into these pellets, or flakes.

My Girls get 1 cup each.

My Girls get 1 cup each.

That’s 1 cup dried. It has to be soaked. I have read that it can be fed as is, but my Girls love a good sloppy beet mash!

1 cup beet pulp, and a minimum of 4 cups hot water.

1 cup beet pulp, and a minimum of 4 cups hot water.

I also splash in a 1/4 cup canola oil per bucket. I had tried giving Sable coconut oil, but she doesn’t care for it. The other 3 will eat it right off the spoon. Not Sable. I even tried sandwiching it between 2 gingerbread cookies (which she loves over all other horse treats!), but, no go. So, for that bit of extra fat, I add canola oil.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…if my girls are a little fat going into winter, I’m fine with that. They’re outside 24/7 and that extra pudge helps keep them warm. We work it off come spring time. 😉 Even our Ruby, fat girl that she is, worked hard this past summer and dropped her winter weight. Next summer, we’ll work at getting her back under saddle, so she’ll definitely slim down.

Let it soak until it looks like this...

Let it soak until it looks like this…

Takes at least an hour to get it to look like this. That’s using hot water. If I use cold water, I let it soak over night. Meh. It’s easier to boil the kettle and leave it soak until it cools down to room temperature. By easier, I mean, that way I don’t have to keep Daphne or the cats from eating it.

Then there's the small add ins...

Then there’s the small add ins…

A diced carrot…some times it’s an apple, or last week I had a few pears that were too ripe. Mostly it’s just a single carrot, diced small, so it can be stirred through.

Ready to serve!

Ready to serve!

It’s really amazing that 1 cup of dried beet pulp, once soaked, turns into nearly half a pail of mash.

The second I step out the door with those bright pink pails, it turns into a happy horse fest. I hear murffles and calls and then, there’s the dancing. Oh how they dance for beet pulp!! When I get down to the back fence with the pails, I tell them, “Okay get in your spots!” and they line up, waiting for their pails.

Enjoying their nummies.

Enjoying their nummies.

And there you have it, happy horses, with happy tummies, and warm bodies.

B is for Beet Pulp.
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A is for Astrid

I’ve been waiting patiently for Alphabe-Thursday to come back around to A. I’ve been wanting to join in for a while now, but thought I should start at the beginning. 🙂



Yes, she’s a little pudgy…but look, she’s standing almost knee-deep in hay. And winter is coming, so it’s alright for her to have a little pudge. Girl has to stay warm some how.

Astrid3 20.11.14Sometimes I can take pictures of Astrid while she’s far away. I’ve learned to take them fast though, because she is such a pocket pony.

"What's that beeping?"

“What’s that beeping?”

The sound of the camera focusing always gets her attention. Funny girl.

Yum, minerals!

Yum, minerals!

Enjoying the mineral block.

Enjoying the mineral block.

Sharing with those big QH bums!!

Sharing with Cookie…love those big QH bums!!

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A is for Astrid.

Outdoor Cats

The barn cats got a new house. They still have free run of the garage, but they now have a house up on the deck too. Stuffed full of straw for warmth.

Cat house

Cat house, with Max and Polo.

We brought home a load of hay…

4000lbs of hay on our new-to-us trailer.

4000 lbs of hay on our new-to-us trailer.

Which quickly turned into a kitty cat hot spot…especially when the sun was out.





Fiona and Polo

Fiona and Polo

The ever elusive Marco...

The ever elusive Marco…

Yup, even Marco came out to enjoy the sunshine on a hay bale.
What a life these guys have…warm places to sleep, hay to bask in the sunshine on, endless amounts of food and fresh water, plus so much hunting to do!

Compare that to what my indoor cats get to experience…



I’m not sure who has the better life… 😛

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Gotcha Day

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Sable, Ruby and Cookie’s Gotcha Day. That is, the day they came Home. It’s a term typically used in adoptions, and has been picked up by animal rescues as well.

For me, it’s a celebration of the day they made it here, to the Farm. Yes, we met and paid for The Paints much earlier…and we met and fell in love with Sable on Nov. 1st…but from the time we put the money down, to the time they arrived on the property, any number of things could have happened to change the outcome. For nearly a month, we were on pins and needles, waiting, waiting, waiting, for the call to say the Girls were on their way. To have a day that we knew they were coming. It was exciting, it was scary, it was worrisome…but, in the end, it all worked out. The Girls came home, and now they are in their Forever Home.

Mere minutes after getting off the trailer...released into their new pasture.

Mere minutes after getting off the trailer…released into their new pasture.

One year later…

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a little girl.

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a little girl.

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a big girl.

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a big girl.

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a Papa.

Every horse should have the chance to be loved by a Papa. And she should lift her feet nicely for him. 😉

Going Down

Sometimes, I’m in the pasture at just the right time to take some pretty cool pictures. They aren’t always good pictures, but worth keeping until I can catch the act again.

Like this series…it’s cooled right off here, the girls are getting hay, and Cookie has resumed her practice of lying in the scattered hay. *sigh* I buy premium hay, and she uses it for bedding. The good thing is, she likes to eat while she’s lying in it. 🙂

She starte doing doggie circles, so I knew, she was getting ready to go down...

She started doing doggie circles, so I knew, she was getting ready to go down…

going down2

going down3

Yeah, that's fog on the filter...I didn't have time to pop it off to let it dissapate.

Yeah, that’s fog on the filter…I didn’t have time to pop it off to let it dissipate.

going down5

going down6

going down7

going down8

going down9

Finally! I had a chance to clear the fog...

Finally! I had a chance to clear the fog…

going down11

Aww...she's such a sweetheart. <3

Aww…she’s such a sweetheart. ❤

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