Scavenger Hunt Monday

Yeah, yeah…I know it’s supposed to be on Sunday, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks. As y’all can tell by the lack of posts. 🙂

Between goose hunting, working with The Girls, chasing trailers and silk poppies, slipper making and deliveries, clothing repair and general housework, and fabric shopping for saddle pads, well, blog posts are the one thing that has suffered…well, that and my kitchen. My kitchen stays clean for maybe 2 or 3 hours at a time.

Ahh, such is the life of a busy Farm Wife. 🙂 I am not complaining!

This weeks prompts are Paint, Pumpkin, Family, Looking Cute and Photographer’s Choice. Shall we move on to the pictures?


Regular readers must know by now…a prompt like paint is going to mean pictures of my pretty Paint girls. What else could I do?

Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl

My Cookie

My Cookie


I bought my pumpkin last week…not that we have trick or treaters out here, but not having a pumpkin is unthinkable at Hallowe’en! Besides, it gives the pumpkin coloured cat something to investigate. Along with the garden gnome-who bears a striking resemblance to my Father!

Pumpkin and Max, my pumpkin coloured cat. :)

Pumpkin and Max, my pumpkin coloured cat. 🙂


This is one of my favorite family shots. I love the connection between The Kid and Astrid in this one. I also love being able to give my family the chance to grow with the horses…and soon to come other farm animals.


Looking Cute

It doesn’t get much cuter than this…Princess Sabrina drinking coffee from my cup. She is definitely looking cute!

Sabrina Coffee

Daphne’s version of drinking from a cup and looking cute is vastly different…

Oh Daphne!!

Oh Daphne!!

Yes, she’s drinking the same water she’s standing in…sometimes, she drinks the water at the very same time she’s peeing in it. LOL! Our Daphne is an uncouth Farm Dog, for sure!

And just for the record, I change that pan of water every time she goes in it, because it’s for the horses to drink out of. No one wants to drink dog pee water. Except Daphne.

Photographer’s Choice

As much as I love this prompt, it can be, sometimes, very hard to choose a photo. Today’s choice is of Sable, enjoying the salt lick. Eyes closed, tongue out, and smile on her face, Blonde Girl was definitely enjoying the salt. Not hard to see why this one was photographer’s choice. 🙂

photographers choice

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4 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Monday

  1. Wow, it does sound like you have been busy!. I’m glad you made it back this week, late or not. Your paints are gorgeous. Your dogs are so funny. Daphne reminds me of one we used to have–in looks at least, I don’t remember her having the same drinking habits. 🙂


    • WolfSong says:

      Farm life…no matter what, it’s busy. 🙂
      Sabrina is a friend’s dog. She’s a frequent farm visitor, and one of 2 dogs allowed on the furniture-mostly because she avoids the horse poo, unlike Daphne. She also doesn’t spit in my cup, when sharing coffee. Again, unlike Daphne. LOL!


  2. Diane says:

    I love these photos–and I think the paint horse is so cute for the paint subject!!! and my favorite one is the dog drinking from a cup–so very cute–thanks for sharing-


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