A Crown for All Horses


Crown Sable1

“Yes, I am very pretty with my crown.”

"Okay, so it slipped..."

“Okay, so it slipped…”

"Fixed. Now I can nap."

“Fixed. Now I can nap.”



"*sigh* Must I wear this?"

“*sigh* Must I wear this?”

"Last picture, right?"

“Last picture, right?”



"Look at me!!"

“Look at me!!”

"I. Am. Awesome."

“I. Am. Awesome.”

"Oh yeah, Mom does these *artistic* shots with me...*sigh*"

“Oh yeah, Mom does these *artistic* shots with me…*sigh*”



"I am Queen Ruby. Feed me!"

“I am Queen Ruby. Feed me!”

"What?!? No nummies!?!"

“What?!? No nummies!?!”

"No nummies, no crown. "

“No nummies, no crown. “

"*sigh* You owe me, Woman..."

“*sigh* You owe me, Woman…”

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4 thoughts on “A Crown for All Horses

  1. gail says:

    pretty equine princesses.


  2. Lovely, lovely horses! Just gorgeous ♥ Thanks for sharing. They are so lucky to have such a good Mommy 😉


  3. Toosh says:

    Every girl loves to dress up!


  4. Cathy Connolly says:

    Beautiful bunch of Princesses! They always make me smile!!

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