Macro Monday~Winter Woolies Edition

The Girls are getting fluffy and this morning I ventured out to the shelter with the camera to get some close up shots of fuzzy, fluffy coats. πŸ™‚

Ok, this is the base of Ruby's tail. I just love her colour combination.

Ok, it’s not her coat, but this is the base of Ruby’s tail. I just love her colour combination.

And her nose...there are always horse noses chacking out the lenses of my camera.

And her nose…there are always horse noses checking out the lenses of my camera.

See that moisture? ^^^ Right after I moved the camera, she wiped it on my sleeve. I’m just a walking Kleenex to these guys. πŸ˜›

Ruby's neck.

Ruby’s neck.

Fluffy (and dirty) Cookie bum.

Fluffy (and dirty) Cookie bum.

Her winter fuzzies are coming in thick and plush. I love rubbing my hands over her winter coat…even knowing what it means.

Astrid is fluffed up.

Astrid is fluffed up.

Just like cats, horses fluff themselves up when cold. No one was shivering this morning (because it’s a dry cold, not a wet one) but they were grumpy about the changing weather. Wasn’t as cool this morning though…there was no frost on them, not like yesterday morning.

Sable's fluffy bum.

Sable’s fluffy bum.

Sable's flank.

Sable’s flank.

Here you can really see how thick her coat is getting. It’s good. Hopefully, this year Our Sable will get a really thick coat. Last winter we had a few days that were rough on her. We’re not sure she’d spent a winter outdoors before coming to us. We’re better prepared with blankets for her too-and all of them. Just in case.

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2 thoughts on “Macro Monday~Winter Woolies Edition

  1. Felicia says:

    beautiful macro’s of your horses.


  2. Molly says:

    Lovely selection… the one of her nose is particularly good



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