It’s been a while since I shared pictures of Daphne. She turned 1 last month and has grown into such a beautiful pup.

So much energy!! Yikes! Most days, we play fetch for a good 45 minutes before I can get any work done outside. We have an extra-large sized Kong toy that I throw and she chases. Sticks work too, but they are predictable where they land…I like the Kong because it bounces all over the place. Makes Daphne think. 😉

Jumping to find her Kong in the long grass.

Jumping to find her Kong in the long grass.

When we met Daphne, she was the biggest puppy in her litter. We thought she was going to be a huge shepherd…nope. She’s about the size of a coyote. A huge difference from our OldWoman, who was 100lbs in her prime.

Bringing back the giant Kong...

Bringing back the giant Kong…

Like I said, she can run for this thing for ages. I have to watch her though. Since she broke her paw last year, when she gets tired, she limps. That’s when I slow the game down and let her rest a little. Or call water breaks.

Relax Puppy! Breathe!

Relax Puppy! Breathe!

It’s only when she’s tired, that I can take a decent portrait shot of Daphne…

She's such a happy girl. :)

She’s such a happy girl. 🙂

Max, however, has this reaction when she gets too close…



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  1. I adore the shepherds. I have one full blooded shepherd and one GSD mix myself. They are such wonderful dogs.


  2. gail says:

    she’s such a pretty happy looking gir


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