Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ On Time!!

It’s a surprise to me too. 😉
I even went out this morning with the camera for the sole purpose of photos for the prompts. I’m happy with what I’ve come up with.

This weeks prompts are Window, Square, Picture in Picture, Curve and Pattern.

On to the pictures!


My old truck, Midnight, and my Brother's old car...notice we have matching decals in our windows.

My old truck, Midnight, and my Brother’s old car…notice we have matching decals in our windows.


New salt block.

New salt block.

We had to stop at the feed store and get a new salt block…a 50 lb square of salt for the Girls-and Daphne too! We did get a new mineral block as well, but they don’t go through minerals as much as the salt.

Here’s what’s left of the last salt block, after Cookie decided to chew it…

Square2I just left the smaller pieces in the pasture, so she can still chew on them, and gave them the big square block for everyone to enjoy.

Picture in Picture

I had some fun with this one…putting a couple different images together and trying to decide which one I liked the best. Finally, I settled on this one:

picture in pictureMy Girl standing being pretty (she had just noticed I came into the pasture), and then enjoying nummies out of the “oh, so scary!” hat. A good picture in picture collage can be tough to put together and have work well. This isn’t the best I’ve put together, but it is my favorite of the set I worked out today.


We have, in the pasture, a round concrete pad that is a left over from a grain silo. The silo wasn’t here when we bought the place, and so we just have this pad. It’s raised, so there is quite the step up to stand on it. This morning, I stood on the pad, while Cookie enjoyed nummies from my hand…and I took a few pictures.

I love this shot!

I love this shot!

This is one of my favorite shots today…I’m standing at her head, and I love how this captured from her mane to the height of her withers, down the curve of her spine, and back up to the curve of her rump. This is one of my favorite places to run my hands on her. She so often relaxes and dozes while I run my hands over those curves.


We’re a farm with paints…of course we have some interesting patterns here!

Yes, she's pushing her big fat head between the posts...the grass is always greener, y'know.

Yes, she’s pushing her big fat head between the posts…the grass is always greener, y’know.

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5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ On Time!!

  1. Tamar says:

    Wow, these are great! Love the perspective on curve!


  2. Abrianna says:

    I like the curve shot best besides your pattern shots.


  3. Nice job with the hunt. Your horses have pretty patterns. I liked the perspective of your curve shot too.


  4. Nice shots. Your paints are so pretty. The patterns are nice. Good job.


  5. Lili says:

    Very nice interpretations.


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