Putting the Garden to Bed

That’s what I did today. While I worked there, I had 4 hay-burners hanging their big heads over the fence begging for something to eat. According to them-all of whom are getting chubbier for winter-they are starving.

Um, no. LOL!

I did pull out a big pile of sow thistles, and repulled the grass that was creeping into the garden. I also trimmed off the frost burnt beet leaves. All that went over the fence, where those poor starving (NOT!!) horses gulped things down.

I swear, horses are worse than children. I started by just tossing things over, but if Sable got to it first, Astrid would push her out…Ruby would then chase Astrid off, Sable would come back and share with Ruby, and then, out of nowhere, comes Cookie…and everyone scatters!

Children. Each and every one of them.

And you can’t even make 4 piles, because this chase and move thing goes on at every pile. *sigh*

You have to just fling, and hope everyone gets some. Though, I do save some choice things for Sable and feed her off to the side. The other 3 really push her out sometimes, and with her sweet nature, I worry she doesn’t get enough.


For a garden that was under water July 1st, and has had mostly cool, wet weather, I’m surprised I got anything. Of course, had I kept up on the weeding, I likely would have gotten more. I’ll be honest though…after a brutal winter, a spring that saw late planting(even for out here), and then the monsoons…I gave up.

I just gave up.

Anyone who knows me, know, that is so not like me. Especially when it comes to the garden, food production, and putting things up for the winter. But this year was just about more than I could take…I was so close to saying “this was a mistake”…y’know what stopped me? Well, aside from the fact that I ain’t a quitter? 😛 This:

The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery

and this:

She knows she's pretty!

She knows she’s pretty!

These guys got me through. They really did.

I knew Hubby would support me, no matter what. If I had wanted to call it on account of crappy weather and head back to the city, he would have supported that. However, I just couldn’t do that. Like I said, I ain’t a quitter…and those guys ^^^ just came Home. My being whiny was not going to have them moving again.

No way, no how.

So, I just let the garden go, and held onto the “If it grows, it grows” mentality. It grew. Sow thistles, pig weed, and some other weeds. But in there, were 27 tomato plants that grew. So did my onions, a dozen or so white beets, and the carrot patch isn’t too bad. Oh, and 11 out of 12 heads of garlic came up.

Not the huge bounty I was hoping for, but, still, better than the nothing I was expecting.

I did learn some things, too. I learned that the purple plum tomatoes I planted produce very well. 3 plants gave me 50 or so tomatoes. This is under adverse conditions, so, under better ones, they should do better. We’ll try them again next year.

I learned that the white beets have a subtle flavor to their leaves. Not nearly as strong as a red beet. I like both, but I think the white leaves could easily be used in place of cabbage for “cabbage” rolls. I hope the beets themselves are tasty. I won’t know if I will grow them again until I try them. I think, if they are good, they could make an attractive jar of pickled beets.

I learned that my garden does need to move. It’s too low, and while this past wet season was far, far wetter than it has been in 20 years-according to some in the area-my best bet is to plan my garden as though this is normal. Then, if I never have to deal with it again, great! 🙂

Finally, I learned that I’m a lot tougher than I thought I was. I can do this. I won’t be scared off. I will persevere and I will succeed.

The down side of this garden fiasco, is that there will be no Midnight Calico Farm seeds for sale for next year’s planting season. So, that part of the Farm waits one more year. It’s okay. I have the patience, and the time. It will come.


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  1. Perhaps I have mentioned before that you’re my hero?
    Making the best out of what is, is a gift that you are blessed with and further bless us, your readers.


  2. gail says:

    what my sister said – hey, she’s the smart one.


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