A Little Thing

It’s a little thing, really.
Nothing special.
Some folks do this every day.
For us, however, as small as it sounds, it’s a huge leap forward.

Yesterday, I walked into the pasture with a lead rope in hand. I walked up to this girl, snapped it on, clucked and said “Walk on!”… and she did.

What’s so amazing?

No nummies.

Just praise, neck rubs and nose kisses.

Like I said, for some people, this is no big deal. They do it all the time with their horses.

With this girl?
Simply wonderful.

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5 thoughts on “A Little Thing

  1. kim says:

    How sweet! She’s learning!


  2. Isobel Anderson says:

    Lovely photo.

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  3. Cathy Connolly says:

    Baby steps, love and trust, she’s on her way and taking her time. What a special moment!


  4. gail says:

    inch by inch, row by row
    we will make our gardens grow

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  5. I get it! It is such a thrill. I so miss my horses. I think I’ll hang around awhile. Thanks for sharing.


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