Hats Are Not Scary…Not Anymore!!

A while back, I explained how hats were scary…for those who don’t remember…

When Hubby and I were cutting the (at the time) waist-high grass (with push mowers!), it was hot and sunny, so I had to wear a hat. Cookie, beautiful, brilliant girl that she is, freaked out. Couldn’t wrap her tiny brain around the fact that, yes, indeed, that is Mama under that hat. She wouldn’t come anywhere near me while I wore it. The second I took it off, however, she came trotting over with the “Oh! There you are Mom. There was something scary and I couldn’t find you!” look on her face. Silly girl!

Well, as a part of desensitizing the Miss, I use my hat. A lot.

Below is proof that, with patience and persistence, you can teach even the biggest ‘fraidy cat around that some things just aren’t scary. πŸ™‚

It started with Ruby…

"Hey...this smells like nummies!"

“Hey…this smells like nummies!”

Yes, well, that would be because I put nummies in the hat for them to eat out of it. Anything that gives you nummies isn’t scary.

See? Not scary.

See? Not scary.

Especially when that hand is holding a nummy right under your nose. πŸ˜‰

Cookie’s turn…



Look at you, you camo cap wearing badass!

"That's right...look at me!"

“That’s right…look at me!”

You rock that hat, Cookie!

"I do, don't I? I'm awesome."

“I do, don’t I? I’m awesome.”

You sure are, my BabyGirl. ❀

"Done. Hope you got the shot, Mom, because I had enough."

“Done. Hope you got the shot, Mom, because I had enough.”

I got it, darlin’. Good job. πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Hats Are Not Scary…Not Anymore!!

  1. She certainly rocked that hat!

    Wags and purrs from Life with Dogs and Cats.


  2. Awww, you look great in that hat! Happy WW!


  3. Cathy Connolly says:

    πŸ™‚ What brave girls!!!! Nummys help as usual, great pictures


  4. Awww everyone is so adorable! #ww


  5. Oh, now you have to try out some formal hats!


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