Random Picture Dump

I think I’m going to do this every now and then…I get some great shots that I’m not sure how to build a post around them-some it’s easy, some, not so much!-so a random picture dump is necessary. No theme, rhyme or reason, just a bunch of pictures I want to share. 🙂

Ruby chewing her back leg

Ruby chewing her back leg

Would have worked great in the “So Itchy!!” post, but the ones of Astrid were better.

I just love this one... <3

I just love this one… ❤

She looks so noble…so beautiful…yeah, she had a mouth full of water, that she proceeded to spit on Cookie, who was just out of frame. 😛

My Girl can strike a pose!

My Girl can strike a pose!

She heard the cows mooing a few fields over and she turned to watch them…she has issues with all things bovine!

I see this a lot when I come out the back door.

I see this a lot when I come out the back door.

Sable will call for someone to come snuggle her. Astrid hangs out beside her, just in case nummies come too. 😉
I call these 2 my “Big Girl/Little Girl Alliance”.

Aww! She's got sparkle polish on!

Aww! She’s got sparkle polish on!

I bought it for Cookie, but haven’t had a chance to use it on her…Kid did up Sable’s hooves with it though.


Polo Girl 🙂

Our little dumped cat is looking so good! We can pick her up and snuggle her now, and The Kid has been able to brush her coat some too. So much better from the matted wild thing she was over winter.

My MaxCat. <3

My MaxCat. ❤

I do love my MaxCat. He follows me around all over the farm, like my furry orange shadow.

Astrid coming to see me.

Astrid coming to see me.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before…a lot of my pictures of Astrid are her coming towards me and the camera. 🙂 Yesterday, her and I had a wonderful hands on session together. I hate to say this, but sometimes, this beauty gets short-changed on my time, so I have to go out with absolute intention of working with her.

The Paints are high maintenance girls, so they take up the bulk of my time, but that’s not fair to Astrid. Yesterday was a rub all over spa day for Astrid. We picked up all 4 feet, and not only picked them out-which gets done every day anyways-but practiced holding them up and balancing with them in the air. I just picked up a foot, and once she was set, I’d give her a little push here, and a little push there, and let her re-balance with her foot in the air. Every time she re-balanced without grabbing her foot back, she got tons of praise and neck rubs. If she pulled her foot back politely, she got praise and neck rubs. It was a case of helping her work on “foot in the air balancing”. Great for when she’s having her hooves trimmed. 🙂

And finally, one last picture of my Sweetie…

She is so pretty!

She is so pretty!

She was coming around the shelter towards me, and as I watched her come, and marked the degrees of bend, all I could think was “How on Earth did you not end up in a show ring?!?”

I don’t know, but I’m glad she’s here with me!


It’s been a while since I shared pictures of Daphne. She turned 1 last month and has grown into such a beautiful pup.

So much energy!! Yikes! Most days, we play fetch for a good 45 minutes before I can get any work done outside. We have an extra-large sized Kong toy that I throw and she chases. Sticks work too, but they are predictable where they land…I like the Kong because it bounces all over the place. Makes Daphne think. 😉

Jumping to find her Kong in the long grass.

Jumping to find her Kong in the long grass.

When we met Daphne, she was the biggest puppy in her litter. We thought she was going to be a huge shepherd…nope. She’s about the size of a coyote. A huge difference from our OldWoman, who was 100lbs in her prime.

Bringing back the giant Kong...

Bringing back the giant Kong…

Like I said, she can run for this thing for ages. I have to watch her though. Since she broke her paw last year, when she gets tired, she limps. That’s when I slow the game down and let her rest a little. Or call water breaks.

Relax Puppy! Breathe!

Relax Puppy! Breathe!

It’s only when she’s tired, that I can take a decent portrait shot of Daphne…

She's such a happy girl. :)

She’s such a happy girl. 🙂

Max, however, has this reaction when she gets too close…


So Itchy!!

Astrid had some troubles yesterday. With the rain last week, bugs have reemerged. We’re back into mosquito/fly season for a bit. At least the horse flies are done. Thank goodness for small miracles!

Trying to scratch her leg...

Trying to scratch her leg…

It’s those biting black flies. No worries, I didn’t let her suffer. We’re back to applying WIPE every day.

Oh, oh, oh, itchy spot!

Oh, oh, oh, itchy spot!

Sometimes, though, you have to use your pal’s back leg to scratch… 😛



Poor Sable, she was just trying to eat, and Astrid was rubbing away on her!

Oh yeah! That's the spot!

Oh yeah! That’s the spot!

It ended well, though. Astrid got the itch scratched, and they wandered off together to eat. 🙂

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ On Time!!

It’s a surprise to me too. 😉
I even went out this morning with the camera for the sole purpose of photos for the prompts. I’m happy with what I’ve come up with.

This weeks prompts are Window, Square, Picture in Picture, Curve and Pattern.

On to the pictures!


My old truck, Midnight, and my Brother's old car...notice we have matching decals in our windows.

My old truck, Midnight, and my Brother’s old car…notice we have matching decals in our windows.


New salt block.

New salt block.

We had to stop at the feed store and get a new salt block…a 50 lb square of salt for the Girls-and Daphne too! We did get a new mineral block as well, but they don’t go through minerals as much as the salt.

Here’s what’s left of the last salt block, after Cookie decided to chew it…

Square2I just left the smaller pieces in the pasture, so she can still chew on them, and gave them the big square block for everyone to enjoy.

Picture in Picture

I had some fun with this one…putting a couple different images together and trying to decide which one I liked the best. Finally, I settled on this one:

picture in pictureMy Girl standing being pretty (she had just noticed I came into the pasture), and then enjoying nummies out of the “oh, so scary!” hat. A good picture in picture collage can be tough to put together and have work well. This isn’t the best I’ve put together, but it is my favorite of the set I worked out today.


We have, in the pasture, a round concrete pad that is a left over from a grain silo. The silo wasn’t here when we bought the place, and so we just have this pad. It’s raised, so there is quite the step up to stand on it. This morning, I stood on the pad, while Cookie enjoyed nummies from my hand…and I took a few pictures.

I love this shot!

I love this shot!

This is one of my favorite shots today…I’m standing at her head, and I love how this captured from her mane to the height of her withers, down the curve of her spine, and back up to the curve of her rump. This is one of my favorite places to run my hands on her. She so often relaxes and dozes while I run my hands over those curves.


We’re a farm with paints…of course we have some interesting patterns here!

Yes, she's pushing her big fat head between the posts...the grass is always greener, y'know.

Yes, she’s pushing her big fat head between the posts…the grass is always greener, y’know.

Sharing with Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk.

Owning Horses Healed My Heart

I have, in my life, been an angry, angry woman.
I have been a not nice person as well.

It may come as a surprise to some that my childhood years were not as good as they might have seemed from the outside. I don’t dwell there anymore. I’ve moved on. A lot of the people who made that time ugly are just not a part of my life anymore, and I’m good with that. They are a part of what made me an angry woman.

Even when my Kid came along, I carried a lot of anger and hurt. Having a child meant having to bury it, because you don’t want to have that stuff splatter all over your child. You want them to grow up without that garbage.

Oh, but then, when she was having problems in school, and we signed her up for riding lessons…oh, there came that time in the barn. That connection to all things equine.

I say it a lot, Equine Therapy works. I know it does.
My Kid is living proof.
I’m living proof.

I was angry. I was hurt. Deep down inside, where I didn’t think I could ever heal. I honestly thought I would carry that for the rest of my life.

And then I met this Girl…

<3 Cookie <3

❤ Cookie ❤

And my life has changed forever.

In order to gain her trust, I had to fix myself. How could she ever trust me, if I couldn’t trust myself? You can’t go into a pasture with a horse who needs to learn to trust again while carrying anger, hurt and resentment, and expect things to work. It can’t, it doesn’t, it won’t.

I had to fix *ME* in order to help her. To gain her trust. To show her that humans can be trusted.

But y’know what’s funny? In order to fix me, to help Cookie, I needed this girl:

Smiling SableWhy?

It’s simple…because Sable is the epitome of “In perfect Love and perfect Trust”. She trusts so easy and offers her giant heart for love so willingly.

She is our Miracle horse.
She saved me.
Sable save me from me, and with her help, I’ve been able to be the Human my Cookie needs, so she can be the Very Best Horse she can be.

I will always love my Bella for that.