Rainy Weekend

It’s been a rainy one here this weekend. We’ve needed the moisture though. The pasture was starting to brown off and dry up. Not good. Not at the end of August. The pasture grass dies off too soon, and then I have to start with hay sooner. My Hay Guy in is BC right now-has been for a while!-so I don’t have my hay for winter 100% in place yet. He’s back this week, so I can get that solidified, and quit worrying. 🙂

In the meantime, with all the rain we’ve had, the pasture is greening up again, and growing. Once the sun comes back out later on this week, the grass will explode with growth. Yay! Then we should be just fine until October or November.

The rain did not put a damper on the local rodeo though. That’s where a couple of my pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are from. The prompts this week are Table Setting, Flowers, Children, Running, and Photographer’s Choice.

Table Setting

We don’t really set the table in our house. Truthfully, my kitchen table tends to catch more *stuff* than anything else. A real table setting happens very rarely for us.

Cookie munching from her table setting.

Cookie munching from her table setting.

When you eat off the ground though, the entire pasture is your table setting.


I have day lilies in the front of my house…

FlowersI didn’t know that when we bought the house. It wasn’t until a few weeks after we moved in that the flowers bloomed. Now we’re enjoying them again this year.


Max and Daphne always act like spoiled children. Children who don’t listen when told to quit fighting with each other!



My children have a great time chasing each other around!


Oh there was a lot of running at the rodeo, and I had a tough time making a choice for this prompt. Finally, I decided to go with one of the barrel racers.

Barrel Racer Grey2It’s amazing to watch the horses running, and sliding, around those barrels!

Photographer’s Choice

Once I sat down to edit the rodeo pictures I took yesterday, I knew exactly which photo I wold be using for Photographer’s Choice!

Saddle Bronc 1

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  1. Abrianna says:

    Your last shot is wonderful. Your children shot gave me a chuckle.


  2. Nice photos. I love your take on table setting!


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