More Desensitization Pictures

Just because they’re fun. πŸ™‚ All these little things add up to relaxed, trusting, horses.

Sable got to wear the jewelry.

Sable got to wear the jewelry.

Well of course she did…we always start things with Sable! She’s the most relaxed and laid back of all the girls, so she’s perfect to start with. Everyone else watches to see if whatever we put on her will try to kill her. If she survives the other 3 are sometimes willing to try too.

She knows she's pretty!

She knows she’s pretty!

See, when I say we can do anything to Sable, I'm not kidding!

See, when I say we can do anything to Sable, I’m not kidding!

She walked around the pasture for nearly 20 minutes wearing this anklet. She didn’t even flinch. Our Sable really is a special horse!

"I am not looking at that wood!!"

“I am not looking at that wood!!”

Whenever we weren’t looking, Ruby was all over stuff. From the plywood to the poles, and even the hats. The second she saw us looking, she’d move away and refuse to look at us. Hahaha!

"You do what you want...I'm just going to eat."

“You do what you want…I’m just going to eat.”

With our pole/plywood set up yesterday, Astrid was awesome. She free walked over everything. In fact, all I did was call her, and she went through the set up and came right to me. πŸ™‚ That earned her a few nummies…which is why she did it. She’s a very good girl, Ms Astrid is!

And then there's Dancie Pants.

And then there’s Dancy Pants.

She thought the plywood was going to kill her, so she had to dance past it.

"Seriously?!? It could kill me, y'know!"

“Seriously?!? It could kill me, y’know!”

She did decide that the wood wasn’t going to hurt her after dancing past a couple of times. Once she figured it out, she walked across it, but she made sure to give it a good stomp as she went. πŸ˜‰

She wouldn’t go through the Kid’s set up she had for Sable, but, she did walk over a few poles. She had a little panic moment when she kicked a pole with her hind foot, and it touched her. She danced sideways, wide-eyed, but I let her turn and sniff, until she was sure that the pole wasn’t trying to eat her. Then, she walked over the poles like a pro.

Once she had the “being led over poles” down pat, I snapped the lead off and asked her to come to me over them…and she did. Having nummies on the other side makes a big difference, but, I was still grinning like an idiot, because of Scaredy Pants was willing to do what I asked of her.

Yup, it was awesome.

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  1. Snap says:

    Nummies are the answer to almost everything! Sable is quite a lady. Such a fun post. I could look at horses all day!


  2. Oh my goodness you are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful horses. I am a bit envious.



  3. artmusedog says:

    Gorgeous horses and lovely photography ~ Love both the personalities of the horses ~ ‘to each his/her own’ ~

    musedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


  4. kim says:

    So pretty. Love the headgear!


  5. I love your loud paints, so pretty!


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