Wordless Wednesday ~ Cookie Wears Jewelry

Editing to add:
All the pictures in this post were taken by The Kid…so instead of © WolfSong, they should read © Midnight Calico Farm. I will update them as soon as I have a chance!

The fun of working on desensitization with horses is the odd things you get to do to them. Not things that could hurt them-never that!!-but unusual, noisy things…things that they don’t have experience with, but might meet in a trail ride situation…or maybe not. Ultimately, when trying to desensitize a horse, what you are working for is a horse that doesn’t spook at odd things all the time. I want any horse I’m working with to trust that if I’m not freaked out by something, they don’t need to be…no matter how scary that thing is. Since we are not working on training our girls to sell, desensitizing is a huge part of working on the trust bond we have with them, and it’s important that we all do it with each horse. So, as much as Cookie trusts me, she also has to trust the Kid and Hubby too. Just like Sable has to trust Hubby and I, as well as The Kid.

Yesterday saw some desensitizing going on with all 4 horses. Walking over poles, plywood, and hats on the ground. Scary blankets, umbrellas, and sweaters, were tossed around. And then there was the jewelry…I have a silver belled necklace that Cookie wore as a headdress.

First I put it on her like this...draped between her ears.

First I put it on her like this…draped between her ears.

Then, I wanted to put her ears through it, like a halter crown...she dropped her head for me to do it.

Then, I wanted to put her ears through it, like a halter crown…she dropped her head for me to do it.

Keep in mind, this is the horse who has a fear of halters…and yet, she just dropped her head to let this go on. 🙂

Trying to get it straight...

Trying to get it straight…

Just a little more...

Just a little more…

Is that a little equine smile I see?

Is that a little equine smile I see?

Such a good girl!

Such a good girl!

She has come a long way from “everything scares me!!” to “well, if you must, but I better look pretty when you’re done!”
I must add this…she was ground tied the whole time this was going on. Kid was snapping photos, and we didn’t have a third person to hold the lead rope.

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3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Cookie Wears Jewelry

  1. MyDogLikes says:

    OMG! You are a silly horse! and a pretty one to boot!


  2. Isobel Anderson says:

    So delightful . Nice that it is summer in Manitoba. Love Isobel Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 14:13:18 +0000


  3. gail says:

    wonderful progress with cookie.


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