Scavenger Hunt Sunday

First, I have to say, yesterday made 1 year for us on Midnight Calico Farm. WooHoo!! Yeah! We made a year and are looking forward to many, many more. 🙂

Prompts for this weeks Scavenger Hunt are: Home, Guilty Pleasure, Lucky, Heart and Window.


Our house.

Our house.

This is our house. It isn’t big, it isn’t fancy. Yes, the front door is taped shut with duck tape, and my front flower beds are over grown with dandelions…hey, I’m cultivating those for the horses. They love dandelions! 😉 I also have 685 fence posts in my front yard…but y’know what? This is Home. No place I’d rather be. Home. With my Hubby and my Kid, all the animals…and every now and then, with friends and family visiting. Bonfires, food, friends, family and drinks.  My house is not just a house, it’s a Home.

Guilty Pleasure



Yeah, she’s my guilty pleasure because when I should be doing housework, or shoveling poo, I find myself snuggling her instead. She’s just so easy-going, and I can do anything to her. Hats, scarves, pails…you name it. She’s my test horse for photo shoots. In fact, today, Jodi was out and tossed her hoodie up over Sable’s head and said “Here, hold this for me” and Blonde Girl just stood there.
Plus, one of my favorite things to do with her is make her fart. Lol! I shouldn’t enjoy it so much, but I do. I use pressure points, or massage, and work the gas out that Blonde Girl’s a**. Hahaha! It’s awesome, because she relaxes so much under my hands. I love it. My big blonde guilty pleasure. 😉


We’ve been short on rain lately. I know, I didn’t think after the monsoons we saw in the spring that I’d say that, but we have been. That’s why we are so lucky that 80% of our pasture looks like this:

Tall, green grass.

Tall, green grass.

Part of the reason we have this gorgeous grass still, is because of how our grey water system is set up. All the house water goes into the septic tank, but, instead of a tank and field system-where the grey water comes out under ground-we have a tank and ejector system. That means our grey water is ejected out on top of the ground, exposed to sunshine and air, then is absorbed in to the ground. Or it evaporates.

If we had a tank and field, our pasture would be much smaller, because you can’t have livestock over your septic field. They will compact the ground too much, and it can cause your field to fail. That leads to ugly indoor problems. Eeww!

With the ejector though, the grey water has been working to water the grass in the pasture. Considering how little rain we’ve had this past month, and how much heat, this has been a blessing, keeping the grass green and growing for the girls.




Had to sneak her in some where. 😉
She is my Heart Horse.

I loved her from the first moment I saw her picture…I told Hubby she was going to be mine. Even if we hadn’t bought a farm, I would have found a way. When we met her, she stole my heart. I knew then, I know now, no other horse will hold my heart like she does. I love all my Girls, no doubt about it, but this one…oh, this one. She is my Love, my Heart, my Soul. ❤

And, in case anyone is wondering…I love to make her fart too. LOL!


Out the kitchen window, there was a tree. It’s planted much too close to the septic tank. Roots can cause problems. It was also diseased. So, my brother brought out the chainsaw, and now, I have a completely different view out my kitchen window.


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  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    Love this my dear Wolfsong. Happy Anniversary! Isobel

    Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 21:25:16


  2. Love your heart photo. What a beautiful horse. Great job on your photos for the hunt.


  3. Jaimie says:

    these are beautiful pictures…


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