The Treat Bucket

I changed the treat bucket. I have a Rubbermaid bin in the house, that I keep the FrontRunner Pleasure Cubes in. That’s what we use for treats. They are a hay/alfalfa pellet. The Girls love them!!

When we go outside to work with them, a handful in my pocket is not enough to treat 4 horses who behave well, so I keep a gallon ice cream pail filled for the pasture.

I decided this week to change buckets, because we were using one without a handle. D’oh! The old bucket was tossed into the big water trough. It gives the girls something to play with while drinking. Or, in Sable’s case, to throw around. While I didn’t get pictures of her throwing it around, I did get some shots of Astrid licking and chewing it. 🙂

"Hey...what's this doing here? Smells like nummies!"

“Hey…what’s this doing here? Smells like nummies!”

Sable looks so bored…but she already investigated the bucket, tossed it around a bit, chewed it, and discovered that just because it smells like nummies, doesn’t mean there are nummies in there!

"I smell you , nummies!"

“I smell you, nummies!”

"Maybe I need to chew you out..."

“Maybe I need to chew you out…”

"I'm sure you're in  there!!"

“I’m sure you’re in there!!”

"Maybe if I lick you..."

“Maybe if I lick you…”

"Finally!! I found my way it to you!"

“Finally!! I found my way it to you!”

She worked so hard to get into the top of the bucket, I dropped a pellet from my pocket into it for her…however, it was like calling Cookie, the sound of the pellet drop!

"Watchoo got in da bucket? It's mine!"

“Watchoo got in da bucket? It’s mine!”

Luckily, Astrid gobbled that pellet right up, so by the time Cookie pushed her out of the bucket, it was gone. Smart girl! 😉