Modeling the Surcingle

The Kid has been working on Sable’s training. She has help from one of the ladies from Blackbird Ranch Equine Rehab and Foster Care. We pay Jodi to come out whenever The Kid needs a hand advancing Sable’s skills. It’s a complete win-win situation, because Sable has worked with Jodi, Jodi is very good at what she does, and she’s very good with The Kid. I am always impressed by adults who treat kids as adults when they act like it. Jodi is awesome at treating The Kid like an equal, who just needs some guidance to get where she and her horse need to go.

One of the things they did together, was fit a surcingle on Sable. With side reins, it gives Sable the comfort of having constant contact with the bit. Right now, because she’s still learning, she needs that comfort and contact so she understands what’s being asked of her. Otherwise, our poor Blonde Girl gets frustrated and wants to come into the human for comfort. It’s fine to comfort her, but, she also needs to be able to understand whats being asked, and she can get that with the surcingle and constant bit contact.

Working on a circle...

Working on a circle…

Up to trot...

Up to trot…

Yup, the surcingle is pink. No surprise!

Back to walk...

Back to walk…

This equipment has made working with Sable so much easier for The Kid!

Of course, whenever The Kid works with Sable, the others want to watch…

The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery

They had a great time watching, but every time there was a break in the lunging action, heads went down to eat.

Once Sable was done, The Kid decided to try the surcingle on the others. We knew, there was no chance to get it on Cookie. There was no point in trying. Ruby and Astrid, though, were no problem.

Such a smart and pretty girl!

Such a smart and pretty girl!

I was busy with Cookie, so this was all The Kid’s doing.

"Hey! What the hell am I wearing?"

“Hey! What the hell am I wearing?”

Astrid was a bit confused by it, but that’s it. She’s young, she’ll figure it out.

While The Kid was outfitting everyone else with the surcingle, I did this:

"Okay. I'll wait here"

“Okay. I’ll wait here”

Yup, that’s my Girl…ground tied.



3 thoughts on “Modeling the Surcingle

  1. gail says:

    cookie’s feet are looking good. nice work with sable and the kid.

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    • WolfSong says:

      Sable and the Kid have been doing great together. 🙂
      Thank you for noticing Cookie’s feet! She really has come a long way. Still a long way to go, but we’re making progress.


  2. Toosh says:

    Peanut gallery indeed…..! Ground tied. Amazing. That’s a new one for me. Great sunny day!!


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