If you’ve been reading here the past few months, you know, Cookie and I have issues with the halter. I want her to wear one, and she doesn’t want to. Her reasons are her own…I can only guess, because she’s a horse, and I’m not. I’m sure that her pretty little head thinks halters mean leaving, so putting one on easily *isn’t* easy for her. She’s not like Ruby, who just wants to “out Mare” me. πŸ˜‰ There is a genuine fear for Cookie, when it comes to halters.

So, this past weekend, when we made the decision to put her back in one, I knew, it was going to be tough. In case anyone is wondering…the last time we haltered Cookie, it stayed on for a week, but had to come off because the buckles were causing rub sores on her face. I wanted those to heal up before we put her new break away halter on her.

Again we used the corral panel stall. Hubby triangled it right away, squeezing her in. Cookie stood and blew and shook. Oh, how my Girl vibrated!! If it is at all possible for a horse to hyperventilate, she was doing it. I rubbed her neck on both sides, I blew right into her nostrils, I whispered so many promises of “no one will take you away…no one will hurt you…you’re safe, I promise”,Β  I pressured pointed everywhere I could reach…including in her mouth. Probably not the smartest plan there, but not once did she try to bite me. She just blew in my face and shook. Hubby showed her the halter, and while her eyes got wider, with more white showing, he slipped it on her face, over her ears and it was on. While he reached over to the other side to do it up, I rubbed, pressure pointed, promised and blew…finally, finally, she started to come down.

Once her breathing slowed, Hubby moved to open the stall. I kept talking to her, and rubbing her neck until the gate was open and she was free.

Now, last time we did this, she was gone, like a bat out of Hell. Cantered off, and wouldn’t come near me for 2 days. This time? Trotted out, went about 10 feet, turned, looked at me, and came straight to me.
It was AWESOME! Yeah, I was over the moon with happiness. I scratched behind her ears, rubbed her neck, told her how proud I was of her, and how brave she was. When she was ready, she turned and walked away from me.

That’s when I went for my camera. Since I had made the new crown for the breakaway, I wanted to make sure I got some pictures of it before it either got filthy, or broken. After all, that’s what a leather crown is for…to break, if necessary.

When I came back around the corner of the garage, the series of pictures below is what greeted me:

Relaxed and munching grass.

Relaxed and munching grass.

"Oh! Hey Mom! There you are...I wondered where you went."

“Oh! Hey Mom! There you are…I wondered where you went.”

"Got any nummies for me? I was a real good girl y'know."

“Got any nummies for me? I was a real good girl y’know.”

Look at those ears! Pointed right at me. Head is low, body is relaxed, eyes are soft…she’s totally focused on coming to me. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. πŸ™‚

"Oops. Did I get a little too close?"

“Oops. Did I get a little too close?”

Lol! She waited until I invited her closer, then she rubbed her forehead on me.

"I'll peekaboo you over Dad's shoulder, 'Kay?"

“I’ll peekaboo you over Dad’s shoulder, ‘Kay?”

"I'm okay, Mom. Really. I'm just going to eat now."

“I’m okay, Mom. Really. I’m just going to eat now.”

I swear, she came to me just to comfort me…reassure me, like I was doing for her.
Can horses do that?
Call me crazy, but I believe they can.

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  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    Sweet write up and photos. It is as if I was there with you. Love Isobel Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 11:11:44 +0000 To: isabella6643@hotmail.com


  2. gail says:

    another milestone for you and cookie. YAY


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