Scavenger Hunt…Monday???

Haha! This is a long weekend in Canada, so I got a little messed upon my days. I still managed to pull together pictures for the prompts this week…just a little bit late. 😉

The prompts were Two Things, Animal, Handwriting, Frozen, and Nap Time.

Here’s my pictures…

Two Things

We have the hoof trimmer coming out next week to do pedicures for the Girls, so that means Paints must wear face jewelry again. Last time we put halters on, things went…okay. Ruby was the easiest, because once she figured out she couldn’t get away(she was in a stall made of 4 cattle panels), she dropped her head, and Hubby put it on her. We opened the stall and she sauntered away like nothing had changed.  That’s our Roo! 🙂
Cookie was much more work. That’s all I’m gonna say.

This time, however, it was less than 30 minutes, from getting Cookie into the stall to haltering. It took more time for me to talk her down from her shaking and blowing than it did to get the halter on. Once she was calm, Hubby opened the stall, and she trotted out. Went 10 feet and turned and came to me. Yes, I cried, because last time she wouldn’t come near me for 2 days. This time was so different, but she’s learning…Halters do not mean she’s leaving. Just means Mama needs a halter on her. That’s it.

So, everyone was haltered this afternoon, and rewards were given…and Hubby has 2 beautiful things eating out of the palm of his hand.

Not so scared anymore...and Sable will happily wear a halter for treats!

Not so scared anymore…and Sable will happily wear a halter for treats!


My amazing, incredible, beautiful, sweetheart of an animal.

My amazing, incredible, beautiful, sweetheart of an animal.

She’s my wonderful girl. I love this animal with all my heart. ❤


Both Cookie and Ruby have breakaway halters on…that means the crown is leather, so if they get hung up-very rare, but it can happen-when they pull back, the crown breaks and they get loose. It’s a safety halter for horses. The leather crown is plain though, and I wanted to fancy it up. So, I made a pattern…

breakaway crownI always write what the pattern is, and any other notes on it. That way, what I need to do to construct things from the pattern is right there, in my handwriting.


Well, it’s not frozen, but I do have pictures of Sable playing with the water hose…

Yum! Fresh hose water!

Yum! Fresh hose water!

"Mom!! It smells so good! I love hose water!"

“Mom!! It smells so good! I love hose water!”

Nap Time

So relaxed and sleepy.

So relaxed and sleepy.

Sable always thinks grooming and fly spray time is nap time…that droopy bottom lip is a good indication of a relaxed and dozing horse. This is something I love to see with our girls. 🙂

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  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    Such sweet photos of your babies. Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 23:02:33 +0000

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  2. Your horses are so photogenic! I love the shot of the one drinking from the water hose.

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