Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s a chilly, rainy day here on the farm, so I’ve been doing photo edits from this past week. Which is good, because I take a lot of photos-I mean, look at my pasture, how can I not?!?-and sometimes, like recently, I run out of hard drive space. Rainy days force me to edit, because I can’t work with the Girls. πŸ™‚

This weeks prompts are Back to School, Family, Books, Portrait and Detail.

Back to School

Back to school shopping was done a week or so ago. Now The Kid has everything she needs to head back to class. She even has a little something extra in her back pack… πŸ˜‰

Oh Calico!! You can't go!

Oh Calico!! You can’t go!

Poor Freyja. She was not impressed with sitting in the back pack. At. All.


At the stable this week, Kid rode Deimos. He’s a very good boy about lifting his feet. When you finish one, by the time you walk to the next one, he already has it lifted and is waiting for you to hold it and pick it out for him. He is not, however, good about being tied. Someone has to hold the lead rope with him. That’s what made this shot a family affair…Hubby held the rope, Kid picked out hooves, and I took pictures.

It's true...we are a horsey family. ;)

It’s true…we are a horsey family. πŸ˜‰


Here’s a sample of the books on my current reading list…

Notice a theme here?

Notice a theme here?

We are a family of readers…we actually have a room in our house that is our dedicated library. More and more of our books are of the variety above. πŸ™‚ When it comes to equines, you can never read too many books!


This one isn’t one of mine, but since this is the Farm’s blog, I figured I could get away with using The Kid’s photos in prompts too.



Our Daphne…she looks like she’s sitting beautifully to have her picture taken. She’s not. She’s actually growling at the cows across the road from us. She really, really wants to chase them…it’s the herding dog in her. We cannot, however, let her, because the farmer who owns them would be very angry. Better to just keep her home.


When I looked at the detail of this next shot, I thought “Hey, looks like someone’s eating my thumb!” She’s not, I’m using my thumb to massage the pressure point inside her mouth.

DSC_0199.1The pressure point inside the horse’s mouth, in the gum line above the top teeth, is a point that is used in cases of colic. Cookie was not having a colic episode here, I was simply practicing. Putting your hands or fingers inside a horse’s mouth can be a risky thing, if your horse isn’t used to it. Just to make sure all my Girls are used to it, I try to get fingers in everyone’s mouths every now and then.

Using the pressure point to release endorphins helps them relax, and understand my fingers in there are okay. It works…the next picture shows that! DSC_0203.1She was a very relaxed Girl afterwards. That’s what I like to see!

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(A detail I had to go back and add, because I forgot when I first published the post! Oops!)

My Big Dork

The longer she’s here, the more time I spend with her, the more she relaxes. On Tuesday, she showed me just how comfortable she is here…

I was helping The Kid with Sable, when I heard a giant groaning sigh off to the side. I looked over, and saw this…about 5 feet away from me.

"Ahhh! Sunshine!"

“Ahhh! Sunshine!”

A girl likes to relax in the sun...especially when she's had a 4 day shower!

A girl likes to relax in the sun…especially when she’s had a 4 day shower!

"So hap...Hey!! Get out of my shot!!"

“So hap…Hey!! Get out of my shot!!”

"As I was saying...I'm so happy!!" :)

“As I was saying…I’m so happy!!” πŸ™‚

"Time to roll. Time to roll."

“Time to roll. Time to roll.”

That’s my Cookie. My Big Dork. ❀

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Sable and the Sunflowers

My Kid planted sunflowers in her garden. Unfortunately, her garden is right beside the pasture. It was a flower bed when we moved in, and she claimed it as hers.

Yesterday, I happened to be leaving the pasture, looked over and saw this going on…

Uh, Blonde Girl, what are you doing?

Uh, Blonde Girl, what are you doing?

Looks to me like Blonde Girl might get herself into trouble…

Hey, what are you eating?

Hey, what are you eating?

You better not be eating what I think you're eating!

You better not be eating what I think you’re eating!

As it turns out, she was eating exactly what I thought she was eating…

So much for The Kid's sunflowers!!

So much for The Kid’s sunflowers!!



Remember when I said I was cultivating dandelions for the Girls? Yesterday the sun finally came out, and I got a chance, with Kid’s help, to do a photo shoot of them enjoying their yellow flowers. πŸ™‚ It also turns out that what I thought were dandelions, are indeed, sow thistles. I’m told horses won’t touch them…I think I have proof otherwise.

I only a few dandelons gorwoing here.

I only have a few dandelionsΒ  sow thistles growing here.

I grabbed a handful and started with Astrid…

"Snort, nom, nom, snort...these are good, Mom!"

“Snort, nom, nom, snort…these are good, Mom!”

Cookie had to see what Astrid had.

Cookie had to see what Astrid had.

After this, The Kid came to help…she offered the dandys sow thistles, while I took pictures.

She gave to Sable first.

She gave to Sable first.

"Hey! I want some!"

“Hey! I want some!”

Next, Cookie got some...and yes, she actually ate them! I was stunned!

Next, Cookie got some…and yes, she actually ate them! I was stunned!

And then!! She stole Ruby's!

And then!! She stole Ruby’s!

So Ruby got a handful to herself...

So Ruby got a handful to herself…

Last bunch went to Sable...who snorted them into her mouth so no one could steal them from her. :P

Last bunch went to Sable…who snorted them into her mouth so no one could steal them from her. πŸ˜›

She spent the next half hour with this flower bit in the corner of her mouth. :)

She spent the next half hour with this flower bit in the corner of her mouth. πŸ™‚

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Our Ruby

Our Ruby is a beautiful girl. Headstrong, she’s the lead mare. She runs our herd. If our Ruby is happy and content, all our girls are. When our Ruby is agitated, so too, are all the girls. When it comes to equines, the only one she defers to is Cookie. Cookie, however, is content to be just a member of the herd, not the lead mare. Our Ruby knows when she’s pushed her luck, because Cookie will step in and discipline her.

A few weeks ago we had an incident where our Ruby took umbrage with The Kid disciplining her for being mouthy…as in, the end of treats came, and she nipped The Kid, looking for more. In short, Ruby decided kicking The Kid in the hip was acceptable behaviour, which it most definitely was not!

Kid is fine, and Ruby got a lesson in “You are not the herd boss when Humans are in the pasture”. That lesson did not include hitting. There are times when a good, sharp smack is acceptable discipline with horses, but this was not one of them. It wouldn’t have done any good in this situation…I did, however, drive her from the herd (The Kid, myself, and the other 3 equines), and would not allow her back until she was respectful.

Since that lesson, our Ruby has been a different horse. Oh, she’s still lead mare, but she’s more thoughtful, and careful, with the humans. She has a new-found respect for The Woman Who Drove Her Out, and uses her ground manners very well with me now…and that extends to Hubby and The Kid.

After 4 days of rain...our Ruby is a muddy mess!

After 4 days of rain…our Ruby is a muddy mess!

When I go to a gate, or enter the pasture, all I have to do is call “Where’s my Ruby Girl?” and she comes to me. Where before I had to go to her to snap a lead rope on, it hasn’t been like that since the Incident. πŸ˜‰

"Hey nummies?"

“Hey Mom…got nummies?”

She’s still a treat seeker-our Ruby is very, very food motivated!-but she’s so much more respectful now. Not that I have ever let her get away with nipping…that’s never been allowed, and up until that day, she accepted the discipline for it. Now she knows that kicking isn’t acceptable either. She’s young. It’s just something she had to learn.

Oh, muddy girl!

Oh, muddy girl!

You can’t quite see them, but she has mudlocks…like dread locks, but made of mud. Once we see the sun again, Kid and I will work on cleaning her up.

That tail is noramlly white!

That tail is normally white!

I did have a couple of people express concern for The Kid, thinking Ruby might be a dangerous horse.
Nope, our Ruby isn’t dangerous. Our Ruby is young (in the 5-6 year old range), and she has a strong personality. She’s only been home for 9 months. We’re still learning what she knows, and she’s learning her place here.

If any one of us felt she were dangerous, we have friends we can call on for help…and we would. In a heartbeat. Not asking for help with a horse when you need it? That is a failure. You fail yourself, you fail your horse. The sad part is, that’s how so many end up at the auction, and ultimately, in the hands of the meat man.

Our Ruby has faced that fate once.

Never again.

Rainy Weekend

It’s been a rainy one here this weekend. We’ve needed the moisture though. The pasture was starting to brown off and dry up. Not good. Not at the end of August. The pasture grass dies off too soon, and then I have to start with hay sooner. My Hay Guy in is BC right now-has been for a while!-so I don’t have my hay for winter 100% in place yet. He’s back this week, so I can get that solidified, and quit worrying. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, with all the rain we’ve had, the pasture is greening up again, and growing. Once the sun comes back out later on this week, the grass will explode with growth. Yay! Then we should be just fine until October or November.

The rain did not put a damper on the local rodeo though. That’s where a couple of my pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are from. The prompts this week are Table Setting, Flowers, Children, Running, and Photographer’s Choice.

Table Setting

We don’t really set the table in our house. Truthfully, my kitchen table tends to catch more *stuff* than anything else. A real table setting happens very rarely for us.

Cookie munching from her table setting.

Cookie munching from her table setting.

When you eat off the ground though, the entire pasture is your table setting.


I have day lilies in the front of my house…

FlowersI didn’t know that when we bought the house. It wasn’t until a few weeks after we moved in that the flowers bloomed. Now we’re enjoying them again this year.


Max and Daphne always act like spoiled children. Children who don’t listen when told to quit fighting with each other!



My children have a great time chasing each other around!


Oh there was a lot of running at the rodeo, and I had a tough time making a choice for this prompt. Finally, I decided to go with one of the barrel racers.

Barrel Racer Grey2It’s amazing to watch the horses running, and sliding, around those barrels!

Photographer’s Choice

Once I sat down to edit the rodeo pictures I took yesterday, I knew exactly which photo I wold be using for Photographer’s Choice!

Saddle Bronc 1

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More Desensitization Pictures

Just because they’re fun. πŸ™‚ All these little things add up to relaxed, trusting, horses.

Sable got to wear the jewelry.

Sable got to wear the jewelry.

Well of course she did…we always start things with Sable! She’s the most relaxed and laid back of all the girls, so she’s perfect to start with. Everyone else watches to see if whatever we put on her will try to kill her. If she survives the other 3 are sometimes willing to try too.

She knows she's pretty!

She knows she’s pretty!

See, when I say we can do anything to Sable, I'm not kidding!

See, when I say we can do anything to Sable, I’m not kidding!

She walked around the pasture for nearly 20 minutes wearing this anklet. She didn’t even flinch. Our Sable really is a special horse!

"I am not looking at that wood!!"

“I am not looking at that wood!!”

Whenever we weren’t looking, Ruby was all over stuff. From the plywood to the poles, and even the hats. The second she saw us looking, she’d move away and refuse to look at us. Hahaha!

"You do what you want...I'm just going to eat."

“You do what you want…I’m just going to eat.”

With our pole/plywood set up yesterday, Astrid was awesome. She free walked over everything. In fact, all I did was call her, and she went through the set up and came right to me. πŸ™‚ That earned her a few nummies…which is why she did it. She’s a very good girl, Ms Astrid is!

And then there's Dancie Pants.

And then there’s Dancy Pants.

She thought the plywood was going to kill her, so she had to dance past it.

"Seriously?!? It could kill me, y'know!"

“Seriously?!? It could kill me, y’know!”

She did decide that the wood wasn’t going to hurt her after dancing past a couple of times. Once she figured it out, she walked across it, but she made sure to give it a good stomp as she went. πŸ˜‰

She wouldn’t go through the Kid’s set up she had for Sable, but, she did walk over a few poles. She had a little panic moment when she kicked a pole with her hind foot, and it touched her. She danced sideways, wide-eyed, but I let her turn and sniff, until she was sure that the pole wasn’t trying to eat her. Then, she walked over the poles like a pro.

Once she had the “being led over poles” down pat, I snapped the lead off and asked her to come to me over them…and she did. Having nummies on the other side makes a big difference, but, I was still grinning like an idiot, because of Scaredy Pants was willing to do what I asked of her.

Yup, it was awesome.

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