Blonde Girl

With The Kid being on summer holidays, Sable is getting pampered and loved on nearly every day. Blonde Girl loves it. πŸ™‚
Here she is after one of those sessions…she’d had a bath, had her mane pulled, tail brushed out, bridle path clipped, feathers trimmed, a good hoof cleaning and oiling, and a wipe down with bug spray.

"Whatchoo doing over there Mum? You s'posed to be snuggling me."

“Whatchoo doing over there Mum? You s’posed to be snuggling me.”

Every time we work with this sweetheart, I think about how lucky we are she chose our family. And she did! She chose Hubby and The Kid. Happily, she loves my company too. ❀
One the funniest things she does, is when she’s having her hooves worked on-be it cleaning, oiling, or trimming-she puts her muzzle right in my cleavage and breathes. Obviously it’s because my scent is strong there, and it helps her relax, but it’s so freakin’ funny to have this big horse head right in between your boobs, y’know? LOL!

It’s all good though…the only time I make her move her head from there is when she starts to drool. I don’t want horse drool down my shirt!


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