Midnight Calico Farm

Here we are. It’s Monday.
Are y’all excited?
It’s logo reveal day!

I’ve been pondering this since we bought the farm, and working it out in my head for months. Finally, I figured out how it was to look on paper.

With out further fuss, here it is, the Midnight Calico Farm logo:

midnight calico2.1

Horses, because they were our first large animal. Bison, because they are what we are working towards having. And the Moon, just because.

Coming soon, the opportunity to purchase t-shirts, hoodies, and other assorted items emblazoned with our logo. 🙂



On to the next fun part.
I said on Friday, that to go with the logo reveal, we’d be doing a giveaway, and we are. Here’s your chance to get one of the new Farm products, and all you have to do is leave a comment that answers the following questions…all answers are here on the blog, so it’s not too hard.

1. Name the Rescue the original 3 horses came from.

2. Tell me the names of the original 3 horses…and a bonus point for those who can tell me which one had her name changed and what it was changed to.

3. Name 2 species of wildlife we’ve seen on the farm since moving here.

Oh, and if you answer these right, what do you win? Let me tell you!
You will have the choice of either a set of 4 cards, featuring images from the farm, or you can choose 1 8×10 print from the same set of images.

Wanna see the pictures?

MCF GiveawayYou have until midnight (cst) Friday to get your entry in.
One random person will be drawn, and you’ll get your choice of the 4 card set, or 1 8×10 print.

Good Luck!!


16 thoughts on “Midnight Calico Farm

  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    Lovely logo that captures the essence of your farm . Congrats. Love Isobel Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 14:26:18


    • WolfSong says:

      That’s what was so hard about designing it…making sure the visual captured what we were building farm-wise, and keeping it simple and readable.


  2. Teresa says:

    Beautiful job on the logo.


  3. Excellent logo!


  4. dreamfarming says:

    1. Blackbird Ranch and Equine Rehab
    2. Sable, Ruby, and Cookie (Who used to be called Nikki, I was glad you changed her name. I think it’s weird when animals have my name. lol.)
    3. Bald Eagle, Fox

    This was fun. An in blog scavenger hunt!


    • WolfSong says:

      I absolutely hated Nikki as her name, and so did she. Every time I called her by it, she turned and walked off. Wanted *nothing* to do with me.
      I think somewhere in her life, she must have had a little girl who loved her and called her Cookie, because when I use the child-like voice on her and call her, she blossoms…the best way to describe it is that she just comes to life. I love those times, because they show me the amazing horse within, who isn’t ruled by fear.
      I am so very thankful that those times happen more often than not now, and I am so glad that she revealed her name to me…and that I had my eyes open enough to see it. 🙂


  5. Paul says:

    I love a parade! I love a spontaneous parade! That’s my favorite photo 🙂
    The miracle of animals, and they don’t even know it (sometimes!).
    I like the way you’ve portrayed the horse and bison in the logo. That’s how they’d look under the light of the midnight moon. Well done.
    Congratulations on 100 entries, I look forward to countless more!


  6. Toosh says:

    That was me, by the way. Paul is having a nap.


  7. gail says:

    beautiful logo


  8. gail says:

    nikki, sable and ruby came from blackbird ranch equine rescue. nikki became cookie. wildlife inluces a bald eagle and a fox.


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  10. What a fun giveaway!
    1. Nikki, Sable and Ruby came from Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue
    2. Sable, Ruby, and Nikki (who later became Cookie)
    3. Wildlife: Bald Eagle and a Fox


  11. Toosh says:

    My entry answers:
    1.Blackbird Ranch and Equine Rehab,
    2.Nikki (now the delicious Cookie) Ruby Sable
    3.Skunks and Swans.


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