Lungeing Astrid

We watch the weather, Kid and I. Once we know what’s going on weather wise, we decide which horse we are going to work with. When it’s Sable she chooses, most times I can go do other things with other equines. Some days I choose Cookie, others Astrid, and I even choose our cantankerous Ruby to work with. 😉
Ruby is a sweetheart when she wants to be, but she’s young and she’s lead mare, so working with her on manners is important, as well as time, and energy, consuming.

Yesterday was Astrid’s day. She was haltered, groomed, hooves picked out, wiped down with fly spray, and then The Kid lunged her.

Getting ready to start...Astrid is just waiting for her cue, so she knows what to do.

Getting ready to start…Astrid is just waiting for her cue, so she knows what to do.

Starting a walking circle.

Starting a walking circle.

Kissing for a trot.

Kissing for a trot.

Beautiful! SHe made some smooth transitions from walk to trot.

Beautiful! She made some smooth transitions from walk to trot.

Her trot to walk transitions, however, need work. When asked to transition back to walk, Astrid stops. She needs to drop to a walk, and only stop when asked for a “whoa.” It’ll come. She’s young, and she’s still learning. By the end she had a perfect downward transition, so that ended the lunge session. Not before she went the other way though…

This direction was a little tougher for her.

This direction was a little tougher for her.

Horses have good sides and bad sides. Think of it like this…humans are right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous. Same with horses. Some go right beautifully. Some go left beautifully. Others go both ways. Here is an article that explains the hows and whys of lungeing very well.

To help Astrid start in this direction, while Kid stood in the center, I walked Astrid a few feet…once she understood she needed to walk-and eventually get up to a trot-that direction, she was good. Away she went. Kid got some perfect walk/trot transitions from her, and we called it a day.

Another round of grooming, some coconut oil rubbed into the base of her tail (poor girl has itchies there. It’s dry skin, I’ve had the vet out to be sure), hoof cleaning, and another swipe with Wipe, and off Little A went, to re-join the others.

Done for the day. :)

Done for the day. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Lungeing Astrid

  1. Teresa says:

    I remember those days of training horses. It’s such hard and rewarding work.


  2. Paul says:

    Really like the lighting and how the pictures appear very rich in colour. The high altitude smoke from B.C. really helped. Looking forward to Monday’s post!


  3. gail says:

    love the pictures. the kid is so comfortable with the horses. it’s great to see.


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