Another Cookie Post

Ahh, but for good reason! This has been an emotional couple of days for me and my girl.

Sunday was “gotta get her haltered” day…and we did.

Yesterday(Tuesday) was “it’s time to trim those hooves” day…and we (Michele and I) did. 🙂 Michele did all the hard work, I just held my girl, trying to keep her as relaxed as possible.

They aren’t perfect, by any means, but they are so, so much better. She’s already moving better, and her stance has improved tenfold.

Todays’ pictures are before, after, and what came off…the pile of what came off are the bigger chunks that can be used for jewelry. There were a lot of smaller pieces that I left in the pasture. Plus all the rasped away bits.

We’ll give her a couple of weeks to adjust to her new toes, and for me to work with her about lifting those feet, and then we’ll have another go at them.

This is what we came home to on Saturday... :(

This is what we came home to on Saturday… 😦

That's one hell of a break! This is why Sunday was "get her haltered" day.

That’s one hell of a break! This is why Sunday was “get her haltered” day.

2 hours, 3 people, 4 cattle panels…and finally, it went on.

Once the halter was on, I enticed Cookie with a couple of hay pellets, and snapped on the lead rope. This was yesterday, so she didn’t feel like she was being haltered to leave. She is a perfect lady on the lead rope. A few clucks and she did everything I asked of her.

After the trim...

After the trim…

What a difference! She had a hard time lifting her feet. She’s been out of balance for so damn long. *sigh* But my brave girl, she tried so hard to do what we were asking of her, and once she found her balance, she willingly gave Michele her foot to work on.

Cookie Toes1This is the one that was broken. So much better! I’m sure she’s feeling a huge difference in her feet today. The reduction of pressure has to be enormous!

This one wasn't as bad as the broken hoof.

This one wasn’t as bad as the broken hoof.

Bad enough in its own way, though. With the cracks, over grown heels, and that toe is still too long. I’ll be oiling those hooves for a while. I have an avocado oil based conditioner for her. If that doesn’t work for her, I’ll switch to coconut oil. It works wonders! 🙂

What came off...

What came off…

This morning, I picked up about half as much again, and left all the smaller bits.

So much more comfortable!

So much more comfortable!

Not perfect. It’s going to take a long time to get those hooves healthy, but she’s on her way. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another Cookie Post

  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    You are a good mother to them .They are lucky to be with you . xxx


  2. Teresa says:

    Yeah! That has to feel so much better!


  3. gail says:

    i used to use baby oil on the shells of the giant tortoises at the zoo. i oiled their shells and skin once a week.


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