Yesterday I was in the pasture, giving The Kid a hand with Sable. We had a storm coming later in the day, and Sable was feeling off from it. Sounds odd, but, I was told this by a wise HorseMan. Horses are very good barometers for weather, and if there is storm coming, you can tell just by watching your horses. We’ve paid attention, since being told this, and it’s true. Well, our Blonde Girl was feeling out of sorts and Kid was worried. I took some other lessons to heart, and used a few equine pressure points to make our girl feel better. Then, I rubbed the inside of her ears-she loves this!-and she evened right out…after letting out a tremendous, stinky fart. LOL! That’s how you know the pressure points are working. Horse gas. 😉

After Sable was okay, I left The Kid to walk her for a bit, just to be sure, and went back towards the shelter. Hubby and I have been working on getting the grass cut-there’s lots of it, and it’s waist-high! We’ve had an abundance of rain, and not enough time in between to get things cut, so it got away on us. And, the Girls aren’t comfortable coming out of the pasture to graze… 😦 I’m working on that!

As I passed the shelter, I saw Fiona, our foundling barn cat stretched out inside. I went to the doorway and saw something behind her…I thought maybe Spooky had come back. But then, she started to hiss, and I realized that wasn’t Spooky…instead, I saw this, trying to get out the back of the shelter:



Well, these are the very first babies born here on Midnight Calico Farm. It’s rather exciting! 🙂

I’d like to introduce you to:



This is the little girl…yes, she has gooey eyes. So does the boy. Fiona did too, when she came. With a warm cloth, Kid and I cleaned them up, and put a drop of polysporin in both.

Daisy dozing in Kid's jacket.

Daisy dozing in Kid’s jacket.

Such a little cutie pie! See, after cleaning, her eyes are much better. 🙂

Here’s the little man:



And another:



This is after his eyes were cleaned up…he looks a little cross-eyed, but it’s from the camera flash.

Mama Fiona wasn’t worried about us handling Daisy and Duke…she had some bologna, and some chicken, so her tummy was happy. She sat up in the rafters and dozed while we snuggled the babies.

You can hold my babies...for now.

You can hold my babies…for now.

There’s no way to know, 100%, how old Daisy and Duke are, but I figure they’re in the 3-4 week mark. It’s hard to tell because Fiona is such a small cat herself, and these 2 are tiny. If they weren’t so full of wiggles, I could hold both in one hand. Hopefully, they’ll grow into strong hunters for us. In the meantime, we’ll handle them, love them, and keep those little eyes cleaned!



Cookie GroovinI know this shot was caught mid shake, but, I prefer to see it as her grooving along to her favorite song. I can imagine ear buds in, music blaring, and her just rockin’ out.

I know, I’m, weird. 😉

Sorry about the silence…I’ve been under the weather with an insane spring/summer cold. I’ve been awake long enough to check on the girls, tend to their needs, and then I’m back off to bed. Yesterday, I finally started feeling closer to myself.
And, I was finally able to drink a cup of coffee…for those who don’t know me that well, going without coffee is huge. I average 3 pots a day, so when I *can’t* drink it, Hubby knows, Wolfie really is sick.

But, enough about me. Enjoy my Girl, groovin to her tunes. 😉

Daphne vs The Peat Pot

Sometimes, Daphne finds things that she thinks are the greatest toys ever. Like most farm dogs, it’s typically something disgusting. Frozen horse poo (in the winter), fresh horse poo (all the time), bloated ticks, cat poo, assorted pasture garbage…it’s a dog thing, I guess.

After The Kid planted her sunflowers, she left a peat flat on the deck. Well, Daphne decided this was a grand toy!

She went running off the deck, and when I looked over, I saw this going on...

She went running off the deck, and when I looked over, I saw this going on…

Daphne peatpotShe rolled and she snarled and she threw it in the air, then chased it until she came running back up to the house…

Where she fell down beside the stairs, to continue in her mauling of the flat...

Where she fell down beside the stairs, to continue in her mauling of the flat…

There, in the back ground, you can just see the bit that's left...

There, in the back ground, by her back leg, you can just see the bit that’s left…

Dogs are weird. Especially my WhackaDoodle.

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A FarmYard Update

It’s been a busy week/end. Lots getting done, both on and off the farm. This morning I took a whole bunch of pictures, so I can show y’all what’s been happening here. 🙂

Yesterday, the garden was roto tilled.

Yesterday, the garden was roto tilled.

Took about 4 hours to get it all done. This is just last year’s patch. Under the carpet wasn’t ready to till yet, so it will form the bulk of next year’s garden.

We’re working on moving the garden from the back corner of the yard to around front. Having discussed this yesterday, we’ve agreed that we didn’t buy out here just to cut more grass. Nope. We bought so we could get closer to self-sufficiency. That means a bigger garden. It also means that where the garden is now, will form part of the chicken yard come next spring.

The way our pasture is set up, it’s really only good for equines…maybe a calf or two. But it’s not set up in a way that makes having chickens out there feasible. There’s no way to have them in the pasture with the horses…chickens eat grain. Ruby eats everything. She weighs about 1100 lbs, and can go through a fence if she so chooses. Chickens won’t have grain long, if the chicken coop and yard are in the pasture!!

So they’ll get the garden, next year.

Old bed frame.

Old bed frame.

When we bought the farm ( 😛 ), we bought a new bed and frame. The old frame^^^ is going to be used to trellis peas and pole beans. I’ll use baling twine to create a web for the plants to climb.

Funny story…that bed frame has been against the white fence all winter long. The girls have walked past it, sniffed it, scratched against it a bazillion times. Yesterday, Hubby moves it away from the fence and sets it up in the garden. The girls freaked out. Suddenly this was something new, and clearly it was going to leap the fence and kill them. They stared, they snorted, they whinnied, they trotted in circles, and then they decided to run and hide in the willows. *rolls eyes* Horses can be so stupid sometimes! LOL!

Really, her garden is there!

Really, her garden is there!

I was going to cut the grass today(we keep losing Daphne in it, it’s so tall!), but it rained like mad last night, so it’s too wet. The Kid’s garden is there, though, and she got her sunflowers planted yesterday.

In order to plant, she dug out this:



And this:

Another cedar...

Another cedar…

and finally, this:



She made the decision she wanted them out of there, and she dug them out and re-potted them herself.

Yay! Long pasture grass!

Yay! Long pasture grass!

More long pasture grass!

More long pasture grass!

The girls are officially on pasture alone. Once they stopped coming to eat hay, we stopped putting it down. We have about 650 lbs left, which is good, because we’re looking at getting a calf to fatten up ’til November, when he’ll got to freezer camp. Yes, I know it’s usually 2 years of grass feed before slaughter, however, we need to get meat in the freezer for this winter too.

Whatever calf we get will have to be separate from the girls for a few weeks, so we’ll feed him the hay, while moving the corral panels around for him too.

Max helped through everything. This is how he helps...

Max helped through everything. This is how he helps…

Or he makes faces. He's very good at making faces at me.

Or he makes faces. He’s very good at making faces at me.

Last weekend we stopped to pick up a couple of pieces we had made for the farm.

Hubby chose this one...

Hubby chose this one…

Yup, BigFoot guards our back steps. 😉

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi

I am not Catholic, but I have always been drawn to St. Frances. Could be why the unwanted, unloved, lost and damaged animals keep finding me. 😉

I have wanted a statue for years, and finally, it was time to get one.


Edited to add:
We’re coming up on 100 posts here at Midnight Calico Farm. Keep watching for the reveal of the Farm logo, and a giveaway to come with that 100th post!

Another Cookie Post

Ahh, but for good reason! This has been an emotional couple of days for me and my girl.

Sunday was “gotta get her haltered” day…and we did.

Yesterday(Tuesday) was “it’s time to trim those hooves” day…and we (Michele and I) did. 🙂 Michele did all the hard work, I just held my girl, trying to keep her as relaxed as possible.

They aren’t perfect, by any means, but they are so, so much better. She’s already moving better, and her stance has improved tenfold.

Todays’ pictures are before, after, and what came off…the pile of what came off are the bigger chunks that can be used for jewelry. There were a lot of smaller pieces that I left in the pasture. Plus all the rasped away bits.

We’ll give her a couple of weeks to adjust to her new toes, and for me to work with her about lifting those feet, and then we’ll have another go at them.

This is what we came home to on Saturday... :(

This is what we came home to on Saturday… 😦

That's one hell of a break! This is why Sunday was "get her haltered" day.

That’s one hell of a break! This is why Sunday was “get her haltered” day.

2 hours, 3 people, 4 cattle panels…and finally, it went on.

Once the halter was on, I enticed Cookie with a couple of hay pellets, and snapped on the lead rope. This was yesterday, so she didn’t feel like she was being haltered to leave. She is a perfect lady on the lead rope. A few clucks and she did everything I asked of her.

After the trim...

After the trim…

What a difference! She had a hard time lifting her feet. She’s been out of balance for so damn long. *sigh* But my brave girl, she tried so hard to do what we were asking of her, and once she found her balance, she willingly gave Michele her foot to work on.

Cookie Toes1This is the one that was broken. So much better! I’m sure she’s feeling a huge difference in her feet today. The reduction of pressure has to be enormous!

This one wasn't as bad as the broken hoof.

This one wasn’t as bad as the broken hoof.

Bad enough in its own way, though. With the cracks, over grown heels, and that toe is still too long. I’ll be oiling those hooves for a while. I have an avocado oil based conditioner for her. If that doesn’t work for her, I’ll switch to coconut oil. It works wonders! 🙂

What came off...

What came off…

This morning, I picked up about half as much again, and left all the smaller bits.

So much more comfortable!

So much more comfortable!

Not perfect. It’s going to take a long time to get those hooves healthy, but she’s on her way. 🙂

Macro Marco

Today’s macro shots are from the stable. Not my stable, but the one where The Kid has been taking riding lessons for the past 2 1/2 years.



Marco is one of the resident barn cats. He’s good at his job, which is to keep the barn free of rodents. When he’s not sleeping on my camera bag. Or on saddle pads. Or in grooming kits.

This guy just does whatever he pleases. He’s quite adorable, so he gets away with it.

Marco 2See? How cute is that face?

Marco ToesAnd yeah, his toes are dirty, but who doesn’t love kitty jelly beans?

Marco EarBeen scrapping with the others…there’s 4 barn cats in total. Marco, Joe (who drinks my coffee), Sophie and Porsche.

Not Marco!

Not Marco!

Now how could I do a blog post without some sort of equine?
This Deimos…he’s who The Kid had her lesson on this past week. As you can see, Mr. D has been rolling in the mud.

Deimos2He’s usually very pretty, Deimos is…when he’s not all muddy. 😉

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