Busy Long Weekend

I’ll have to see what I can do to get some pictures for everyone. This weekend was a non-stop workathon.

When we weren’t working with horses-between home and the stable-we were planting trees.

Kid had her riding lesson Saturday, which meant any work I did had to be in hand-I have another pair of slippers to get done for Thursday, so Hubby can deliver on Friday-so I did some beading. Once we dropped off some geranium bulbs to a friend, we headed home, where we had 170 trees staring at us.

Sunday saw us outside all day, planting trees. 60 went in that day, before the rains came, but after we dewormed the Girls.

Deworming went fairly well, all things considered.
Sable was easy peasy. Kid haltered her, Hubby held the lead rope, lifted her head up, and I stuck the tube in the corner of her mouth and fired it in. Done!
Astrid came next, and was almost as good as Sable. πŸ˜‰ With Sable I didn’t have to hold the halter at all, but, Astrid kept trying to throw her head up and away from the dewormer. I know, it tastes awful, but once it’s done, it’s over for another few months. So, I held her head down to where I could get the tube in, and done she was. πŸ™‚

And then came the paints…what should have been a 10 minute job turned into nearly 45 minutes! Still wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Cookie waited for me to come to her. I had a chunk of apple in one hand and the dewormer in the other. She sniffed the dewormer and snorted, but didn’t walk off (great sign!!), and then, she sniffed that apple! While she sniffed the apple, the tube went into the corner of her mouth, and dewormer went in. Less than 10 minutes of work, and my Girl was done. She did the flehmen response, and walked off.

She never did eat the apple piece. LoL! She did get a few pellets though, to sooth her feelings about the yucky paste Mama put in her mouth. πŸ˜‰

Oh, but our Ruby. She was having none of this stuff. She sniffed it, she stood still until I put the tube in her mouth, and then, she wheeled and trotted off. It was going downhill fast with her. Honestly, it looked like she wasn’t going to get done…and then, she figured out I had apple bits in my pocket. When she came back to sniff-and mooch-Kid took the syringe of dewormer, and while Ruby thought about the apple I held out to her, Kid shot the paste in. Unfortunately, Ruby pulled her head back, and was able to spit out some of the paste. So, while she didn’t get the full dose, I estimate she got a dose for a 1000 lb horse, as opposed to the 1150-1200 she weighs. When I have the vet out for vaccinations(in the next week or so), I’ll check with him to see if she, and the other 2 rescues, need to be redone in 6-8 weeks. Until then, I’ll watch their poop, to get a rough idea of worm loads.

Yesterday was a fun day too. Sarcasm? Eh, maybe a little.
It was raining pretty hard, but, we had set the fruit trees soaking the night before (bare root stock) and didn’t want to leave them too long. So we planted in the rain. Daphne came out to the big pasture to run, run, RUN!! Oh, and run little puppy did! Unfortunately, she also played zipping back and forth under the barbed wire. On one of her zip throughs, she cut her ear. Daphne didn’t notice…The Kid did, and told Hubby and I. Trying to get wiggle puppy to sit down long enough to check it was near impossible! Kid took her back to the house and crated her.

Once we finished up, we brought Daphne out, layed her down, and cleaned her ear with warm saline. Thankfully, the cut wasn’t as bad as we initially thought. We coated it with antibiotic ointment, gave Puppy a dose of metacam, and sent her back to her kennel to relax and doze.

I’ll reclean, and recoat with ointment today, and make sure she’s on her way to healing. It certainly wasn’t bothering her last night after supper, while she was killing her antler.

Now, we just have to finish up planting the cedars, lilacs and spruce trees…then plant my honeyberries, and wolfberries. Whew! We’ll do that during the week, because next weekend, weather permitting, we have fence posts to put in.

698 of them.
Lucky us.


4 thoughts on “Busy Long Weekend

  1. gail says:

    busy is anunderstatement


  2. Toosh says:

    A kind of busy that will be a ‘one check mark and it’s done for a good long while’ with the trees and posts. Mind you, that’s a lot of posts! What is the preferred method to set those in the ground? And where does one acquire near 700 posts?

    From our travels to T & T, we will have for you later this season the seeds from the pincushion flower (a perennial and favorite of the butterfly: scabiosa columbaria ‘butterfly blue’), along with the propagating cuttings of the hummingird favorite Honeysuckle Dropmore Scarlet vine. From last Summer we have a million wee seeds of Night Scented stock-be sure to find a spot where you’ll enjoy the intoxicating perfume in the evening!

    PS Our White Queen and Brandywine are coming along nicely under the lights!


    • WolfSong says:

      The best way to set the posts is to pound them into the ground…they’re 8 feet long, with the end sharpened, so we’ll put them 3 feet in.
      We’re either renting a hydraulic post pounder, or buying an auger that will start the holes. Haven’t decided yet…we have 2 days to decide. πŸ˜›
      We bought them at the lumber yard in Teulon…emailed for a price quote, was given a great price per post, and last week they delivered…took 3 trips!

      I can’t wait to get the tomatoes out in the garden…they are huge, but with great stems! The light stand is awesome!!


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