Sharing Clothes

That’s what sisters do right? Share clothes? I don’t have any sisters-not by blood, anyways. I do have friends that I love like sisters, does that count?-so I don’t really know…

Today’s pictures are of the Girls sharing clothes…okay, it’s actually my new blanket for Cookie, but everyone had to wear it. 🙂

It started with Sable...

It started with Sable…

Things *always* start with Sable! She’s so relaxed and willing to do darn near anything for us…and when she’s nervous, she let’s us know, but trusts us enough to go with what we ask of her. Our Sable is such a good girl, and we love her to bits.

"Hey, watchoo wearin'?"

“Hey, watchoo wearin’?”

As ever, Looky-loo Roo has to see what’s going on. So, she was next…

"Hey! Quit sniffin' me!"

“Hey! Quit sniffin’ me!”

Then it was Astrid’s turn to be curious about the blanket…which brought about some mare squeals and threats of kicks. Mostly because Ruby didn’t want Astrid sniffing her. Silly horses.

"I'm pretty, oh so pretty..."

“I’m pretty, oh so pretty…”

I love this shot. It really shows Astrid QH breeding well. This little girl could go into reining or barrel racing easy peasy. Surprisingly, she was nervous of the blanket…but then, she was just on edge yesterday. So, I went slow. Let her sniff and snorfle it. Rubbed her neck with it, rubbed her face with it, went back down her neck to her back. Placed it folded up on her withers, then slowly spread it on her back, while rubbing her withers with my other hand. As you can see, slowly, with patience, and on her it went. She even wandered around with it on for a while.

But, you’ll notice, in all these pictures, who’s not wearing the blanket.

"You want me to wear that?!? Are you nuts??"

“You want me to wear that?!? Are you nuts??”

Hahaha!! Yeah, it wasn’t happening. Dork. Once she realized it wasn’t going to kill her, she did let me rub it on her neck. She sniffed it, she snorted in it, and she sneezed on it. But there was no way she was going to wear it.

For now.
It’ll happen.
Just not yet.

Maybe she’s waiting for something a little more stylish. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Sharing Clothes

  1. They are all beautiful. Haha the one it is for is the only one not wearing it! Funny 🙂


  2. gail says:

    such pretty girls. the blanket looks good on all that wore it.


  3. Teresa says:

    They all look so pretty in it!


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