Pasture Clean Up

This is a never-ending chore. Not just clean up of manure. There is a lot of that, and more appearing everyday! LOL! No, I’m talking about the sheer amounts of garbage…it’s feeling like it’s endless.

For some reason, the folks who lived here before us-whether it was the immediate previous owner, or those before her-felt that taking garbage to the dump was too difficult. They used the pasture as a dumping ground.

Before the girls came home, we spent most of our weekends pulling garbage from the pasture. Midnight made so many trips to the dump, fully loaded (some times way over loaded!) it’s not even funny.

We’ve pulled out…glass jars, whole and broken; piles of rotted eavestrough; chunks of bricks, and endless piles of rocks; barbed wire that was half buried-one pile, Hubby had to pull out of the ground with the tractor!; a rusted, broken washtub; the chunk of culvert we use for the hobo barrel; a trailer frame-this we’re going to fix up and use as a trailer; parts of a rusted out car; another car frame; chunks of broken dishes; electrical stuff…light fixtures(porcelain and metal), wire…miles and miles of aluminum wire, plus junction boxes…Oh Goddess! Musta been about 1000 junction boxes! Those things have sharp edges! Imagine what that might do to the underside of a hoof if stepped on. 😦

That’s just a sample of the garbage…and it’s still coming. Every day, when I take a walk through there, I come out with hands full of garbage. It’s mind-boggling.

I long for the day that I can walk through the pasture, enjoy time with the girls, and not have to pick up garbage. I fear it will be a long time coming.


4 thoughts on “Pasture Clean Up

  1. Toosh says:

    Well what’s a junction box?
    You may find buried treasure out there….it would be a nice surprise anyway.
    Next Hobo fire I’m bringing butter tarts. Can’t wait for the weather to warm us. I’m not brave enough yet to stand in the cold and build a fire in the backyard…


    • WolfSong says:
      The metal one on the right side of the page is what we keep finding. 😦
      I keep hoping for buried treasure, but alas, just more garbage.

      Soon, soon, for a hobo fire!!
      The yard has dried up beautifully, and we just need to have a better placement for the barrel…or move the hay. Can’t risk burning up the girls food! πŸ˜‰


      • Toosh says:

        Ow that would hurt alot!
        As for the firepit, Paul made some char cloth, and sparked some flint and made a bit of a sample fire last night. This, while I was getting some groceries. The back yard is raked, the clover is coming up, the bunnies are at it. The irises are peeking out under the apple tree. The bleeding hearts survived the winter in the front flower bed closest to Dina’s, and we’re still checking to see if the hostas made it through in the front bed under the big window.
        PS And you’ll see Nick’s sister-Desiree #11- on billboards in the city: Notre Dame by Tec Voc, Main near Pritchard, and on Academy somewhere. She’s playing tomorrow at the stadium-match against USA! They’ll be wearing parkas in the stands πŸ™‚


        • WolfSong says:

          We saw Nick and Desiree on the news! So awesome. πŸ™‚
          Too bad we couldn’t make the game, but at least it’s being televised, so we’ll pvr it to watch as we can.
          Glad to hear your yard came through the winter well!


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