They were hanging out in my field for a bit yesterday. So. Cool. I was very excited. By the time I grabbed the camera, they had hopped over to the neighbouring field. I still snapped a few shots…

swans042214.6There’s one!

swans042214.5Actually, there were 2!

swans042214.4I was excited because I had no idea we had swans here. I thought they lived in warmer climates. I was wrong.

swans042214.2Oops…I startled the geese, who took off, and the swans went with them.

swans042214.3I tried walking down the access road beside our property to get better pictures, when the Great “Fly Away!! Fly Away!!” call went out…

swans042214Hope they come back. It was awesome to see them!

Camoflage Cookie

If I hide behind this tree, no one will know I’m here…

Walking back down the road I looked over and saw this ^^^…
Hahahaha!!! She hid there, watching me, until I made it to the gravel road. Then, when I came into the farm-yard, she stood behind Ruby. Just in case…

Then, when I went into the pasture to see her, she sniffed me up and down, snorted and walked away flipping her tail at me. Apparently she didn’t like me walking down the access road.
Poor sweet, broken, horse.


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  1. Teresa says:

    How exciting! I’d love to see swans in the wild.


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