Saddle Pad Fun

Since we bought The Kid a saddle for Sable, we had to try the saddle pad on her, to see if the Hello Kitty one would fit, or if I had to make a longer one. She’s a big girl, girth-wise, and broad across the back, so the only way to find out was to put it on her.

Yes, that's a water trough she's standing in.

Yes, that’s a water trough she’s standing in.

The pad is a little small, so I’ll make the next size up in the pattern for her. That trough is being used as a hay feeder right now-simply because we have a heated waterer that is fed directly from our well that the girls used all winter. This, I would have had to go out and buy a heater for, and even then, with the winter we’ve had, I doubt it would have stayed thawed! Besides, this worked perfectly as an extra feed station, once Astrid came home.

Speaking of Astrid…

Hello Kitty on Astrid.

Hello Kitty on Astrid.

What a difference in how the pad fits, from her to Sable!!
Astrid is our littlest girl, just barely over pony height. It’s very cute to see her and Sable out in the field grazing together…I call Astrid either Little A or Little Girl, while Sable gets called Big Girl, Blonde Girl, and SableCat. Together, they form the Big Girl/Little Girl Alliance.

And then there’s the Paint Alliance…yes, they really do separate themselves that way! The paints stick together, while Sable and Astrid tend to stay together. Not to say they don’t all hang out together, or that they don’t wander off in other mixes, it’s just those separations seem to be the constants.

So pretty Ruby!

So pretty Ruby!

Ruby was willing to wear the saddle pad, which surprised me. That day, we also worked with her and draping the lead rope over her neck. Remember, this one made the tries to halter her into a game. One that we humans lost. So, imagine my surprise, when The Kid not only got the pad on her with no fuss, but I had the lead rope over her neck, caught ’round underneath, and led her around for a few minutes.

Smart ass Paint. So, we’re working on showing her that when we say it’s time to work, it’s time to work, but when it’s time to play, go ahead, and kick up your heels! We’re the leaders of the herd, and she needs to respect that.

You’ll notice there’s no photo of Ms Cookie and the saddle pad. That’s because she freaked out and ran. From standstill to canter in 1/2 a stride.
*sigh* That horse is so broken.
She did, however, have a good long sniff of the pad once it was back on the fence, so I count that as a good thing.