Friendship Friday~Fiona and Cookie

Our little miss is growing up. She’ll be roughly 6 months old now…keep in mind, when she came, we had no idea how old she was, since she was “dump on the side of the road”. Tough little girl, she’s our one kitten who’s made it all the way through winter.

Heidi went missing after Spooky’s Grand Adventure, and Spooky went missing after we started hearing coyotes out in the back field. 😦 I miss my Spookapotamus, but, unfortunately, with coyotes around, and he was a barn cat (outdoor access 24/7), well, these things are going to happen. I was hoping the little idiot would live a long, happy life though…

Finger checking...

Finger checking…

She’ll never be my friendly girl, not like Spooky and Heidi were, but she’s a little more receptive to being petted. Of course, that could have something to do with starting her first heat…oh, and the fact that I had some turkey for her…

Nom, nom, nom!

Nom, nom, nom!

Here’s someone else who’s been more friendly lately:

Cookie110414.2We’ve been working on her comfort zones…one thing she doesn’t like is her ears being touched. So, I touch them anyways. I started with while she was eating, rubbing behind them…

Pushing the boundaries of Cookie's comfort zones.

Pushing the boundaries of Cookie’s comfort zones.

She’s been really good about it. Just relaxes and lets my rub. Until I decided to do the brain sucker thing between her ears…that was fine ’til I told her that her brain was being sucked out…then she tried to bite my leg. Hahaha! No sense of humor!

The other thing I’ve been doing with her-and all the girls, now that winter has finally loosened its grip, and we have soft snow piles-it running my hands all over her, including right down her legs to her hooves. She won’t lift yet, but I can handle her feet on the ground, and I’ve been able to moisturize them for her. It’s progress. πŸ™‚ Add to that, I’ve been able to hug her a couple of times the past few days, and I get to place kisses on that pretty face daily now, so, yeah, we’re getting there.

"I'm always friendly when you have food for me!"

“I’m always friendly when you have food for me!”

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