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Fiona and Max

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Pondering Farm Life

As I sit here this afternoon, silently thankful the rain/snow has stopped, I am pondering farm life. Make no mistake, I love it here. I have always had a love for the country, for being close to the land. Even in the city, I relished that contact with the Earth, growing as much food as I could for my family, creating my Urban Jungle, and giving back by stirring in the compost.

It’s different, out here. It’s wide open, and beautiful. My closest neighbour is a 1/4 mile away. We have the pleasure of having the horses here at home with us. It’s a lot of work, but they are worth it. We have wildlife that we see every day…from the geese, ducks and swans, to the skunks, coyotes, foxes and the eagles. Sadly, we’ve lost a barn cat or two to the predators, but it’s farm life.

If our young miss Fiona doesn’t produce litters of kittens, we’ll be looking for a few more cats, to replace our lost ones. We are surrounded by grain fields. Grain fields means rodents. Now, yes, we could just put out poison for the rodents, but…stop and think for a moment about who else eats rodents. Our 80 acres is part of a larger ecosystem, one that we have to be mindful of, because things we do here, can have far-reaching, long-lasting effects.

We have foxes, coyotes, hawks, eagles…all eat rodents. If we put down poison to get rid of the rodents, we are killing the natural predators too. Add to that, it puts the cats we do have at risk as well.

Instead we have more cats. Means we have to have a little more cat food for the winter months, when hunting is leaner, but, it also means we are not poisoning the ecosystem, by introducing poison into the rodent population.

To me, and, I think, the rest of the family, this is an important thing. We’re Stewards of this land. Yes, we bought it, we own it, but really, in the grand scheme of Life, we’re Stewards.While we use this land for our own needs, we have a responsibility to not damage it, or the original inhabitants…the animals. We may hunt here, but we take only what we will use, and no more.

It is not our job to drive out the wildlife, in order to have a comfortable life here-or really, anywhere. It is our responsibility to learn to live in Harmony with the wildlife, and with the land. Human lives are so short, we have no business forcing the world around us to get out of our way, just because we want to live somewhere.

Harmony at the feeder.

Harmony at the feeder.

After all, Harmony is a beautiful thing!

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They were hanging out in my field for a bit yesterday. So. Cool. I was very excited. By the time I grabbed the camera, they had hopped over to the neighbouring field. I still snapped a few shots…

swans042214.6There’s one!

swans042214.5Actually, there were 2!

swans042214.4I was excited because I had no idea we had swans here. I thought they lived in warmer climates. I was wrong.

swans042214.2Oops…I startled the geese, who took off, and the swans went with them.

swans042214.3I tried walking down the access road beside our property to get better pictures, when the Great “Fly Away!! Fly Away!!” call went out…

swans042214Hope they come back. It was awesome to see them!

Camoflage Cookie

If I hide behind this tree, no one will know I’m here…

Walking back down the road I looked over and saw this ^^^…
Hahahaha!!! She hid there, watching me, until I made it to the gravel road. Then, when I came into the farm-yard, she stood behind Ruby. Just in case…

Then, when I went into the pasture to see her, she sniffed me up and down, snorted and walked away flipping her tail at me. Apparently she didn’t like me walking down the access road.
Poor sweet, broken, horse.

Muddy Babys

I know I’ve said it a few times now…the pasture is a mixture of greening grass, mud, poo, and slop. Well, yesterday, the girls decided a mud bath would be a good idea…

Blonde Girl

Blonde Girl

Not so blonde anymore!! Nope, a nice heavy coating of mud on that coat.

Dirty face!

Dirty face!

Not quite so obvious on Cookie, overall, but her face was showing signs of her mud bath.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Yeah, Ruby is the dirtiest…our unicorn is in full muddy disguise here! In case you can’t tell how bad it is, here’s a close up of her rump:

There's a horse under all that mud. Really!

There’s a horse under all that mud. Really!

*sigh* It’ll be interesting getting her clean.

Astrid is the only one who wasn’t coated nose to tail in mud. She did have a bit on her face, so Daphne licked it off for her…

Washing Astrid's face. <3

Washing Astrid’s face. ❤

I <3 Macro

I really do…of all my lenses, my macro lens is the one I love the most. It’s the one that’s on my camera 85% of the time.



Since I plan on making jewelry with hoof trimmings, we here @ Midnight Calico Farms, felt each horse’s clippings deserved its own “gemstone” name…This one, Astridite.



Blonde Girl’s trimmings are so beautiful, with the combination of light and dark. Amazing when polished. I can’t wait to have some of Ruby’s and Cookie’s trimming as well. Darn Paints. 😉

Winter fuzzies

Winter fuzzies

This is one of the few spots left on Sable with winter fuzzies. It’s her chest….and she thought I was a loon when  squatted down to take this shot. Horse logic says if Mama is doing weird stuff with the camera, there should be treats involved. LOL!
Those fuzzies are still there mostly because it’s just too sloppy out to get out and do a deep grooming on everyone. We just grab a brush and swipe a few strokes each time we’re out in the pasture.

Just about shed out!

Just about shed out!

Cookie’s right flank…her coloring is so gorgeous. Yeah, I know, I’m biased. I love every one of the 4 girls, but this one. Oh, this Cookie is my Love Pony. I would move Heaven and Earth for this horse.

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