Around the Farm

Pictures! Oh how I love sharing pictures with y’all. 🙂
This is what passes for wall art in our house:

Sable Bridle170314That was The Kid’s birthday present…a bridle for her horse. It’s a Connemara from Greenhawk-one of the most evil places on Earth!-with a loose ring snaffle. She bought it on Saturday, and then yesterday it stormed like mad, so it stayed hung on the wall. Hopefully, the weather will turn nice enough that she can try it on Blonde Girl and see if it fits. Kid bought the WarmBlood size, since Blonde Girl is also known as Big Head. She has a very big head! LOL!

I call this one "Who's yo Daddy?"

I call this one “Who’s yo Daddy?”

We know Daphne’s mom is a GSD. We met her, when we met Daphne, but no one is sure what her dad is. We had hoped, as she grew, she’d show signs of what he might have been, but we’re no closer to figuring it out. She’s on the smaller side for a shepherd, which is a difference from our last girl, OldWoman, who was huge for a shepherd! She topped out, in her prime, at 110 lbs. Practically unheard of, for a purebred GSD. Especially a female. For those of you who are new to my ramblings, here’s what my OldWoman looked like:

OldWomanShe crossed the Rainbow Bridge March23/13 at 14 years old. She was the best dog ever. She coughed on cue to get Fisherman’s Friend cough candies, she would try to sit in my lap anytime she felt sucky…or if we were in the vehicle, or if I was sitting in the grass outside. She was my mama-suck dog, my looks-like-dog-sticks-like-glue dog, my Heart Dog. Her body may not have made it here, but her Spirit runs free over the fields of  Midnight Calico Farm.

Smiling girl.

Smiling girl.

My Daphne is no replacement for OldWoman, and really, we shouldn’t try to replace them, just love another set of paws, ears, eyes, and smiles. My Daphne is special in her own way. From chasing and herding the barn cats, to chasing the red dot of the laser pointer. She’s a special little weirdo!

Speaking of weirdos…Blonde Girl has this thing for washing her front hooves in the waterer. I don’t know why. She won’t tell me, but she loves to do it in front of me…and when I yell at her for it, this is the face I get:

Pffttthhhrrbbtt!! I'll wash my feet here if I want to!

Pffttthhhrrbbtt!! I’ll wash my feet here if I want to!

Smart ass.

Notice the drip of water from her lip. :)

Notice the drip of water from her lip. 

In order for anyone else to have a drink(because, of course, Sable had poo on her feet when she washed them…it’s probably *why* she washed them. Brat!), I had to chop down the snow pack around the waterer, open it up and clean it. I’m just glad we had above 0*C temps for that! Sticking your hands into water in -40*C weather is nuts. I did not enjoy that job. At. All.

Astrid, peeking between the Paints.

Astrid, peeking between the Paints.

Yes, that’s Ruby’s big round belly there. She doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger…she’s grumpier than normal, but I’m chalking that up to the weather bouncing around all over the place. We’re going from above 0*C to -28*C in 24 hour spans. That’s hard on anyone, and I can’t blame her for being a grump. 😉 So, yeah, I do believe our Ruby is just a fatty. Hahahaha!! Aww, we love her anyways, and this spring, once we get a round pen built, we’ll work it off her, and get her back into shape.

Finally, what’s a farm blog post without a barn cat? Here’s Spooky, our special little cat weirdo…