Beginning the New Year with a Kindness

If you are connected to me on Facebook, you already know this story, but this amazing act of kindness is so wonderful, I had to share here for the whole world to see. 🙂

In my last post about Sable, friend Toosh asked how the girls were dealing with the cold. Here’s my reply:

Oh my, this cold is ridiculous!!
Ruby and Cookie have been fine. We’ve upped feed for everyone, and made sure the salt and mineral blocks are dug out. They are not new to this outdoor 24/7 thing.
Oh, our Sable though…we had a scare with her this morning, because she was shivering so hard, she didn’t have proper control of herself. She was shakey walking and being the giant pocket pony(looks like horse, sticks like glue to your behind), she was turning to us, trying to get help, and starting to panic.
Kiddo ran to the house to get the rubber brushes, I started giving her a solid rub down(gets their circulation going) and Hubby had to remove the big ice chunks in her nostrils. :(
Once we got her warmed up, the shivering to stop, and her eating again-horses eat to stay warm, which is why we’ve upped the food a lot!-then she was more like herself. A few oat and molasses cookies helped too.
Then we popped over to Balmoral to buy her a blanket…I also have some polar fleece to layer underneath, if needed. Heck, if I had to grab a comforter off the bed, I would use that!!

After I wrote that, we had a visitor. In fact, just as I posted it, Hubby called to me that someone was turning into our drive. Odd. We don’t get visitors out here, without a phone call before. But, it’s been cold, and well, maybe someone was having trouble on the road. Either way, Hubby suited up and headed out, to see who it was.

To our stunned surprise, it was the lady we had met earlier, while buying the blanket for Sable. We had chatted, and in the chatting, we explained why we needed the blanket, we talked about the Girls, and what road we were on. Once she learned we were beside the hog barn, she knew exactly where we were, and she knew the look of the Girls.

Like I said, in the Glamorous Life post, small community, everyone knows everyone. Or, at least, their horses. 🙂

Anyways, she and her Husband had driven out to us, because the blanket we had bought was meant for cooling horses down. Being polar fleece, it keeps them warm while they’re sweating, but breathes enough to let the moisture out. I know this now…but I didn’t realize it yesterday. I just thought “Oooh! Polar fleece will keep her warm!” and we bought it.  Well, our Sable wasn’t sweating, she needed something to keep all the heat in close to her. So, this lady had come out in the freezing cold, dark night, to a stranger’s house, to bring us the right blanket to keep our beautiful blonde warm. It was an amazing act of kindness from someone who very clearly has a great love for horses, and a very good heart. We were so stunned, that we didn’t even think to ask her name. I found out later on FB who she was.

So, if you are ever travelling around Manitoba, and have the opportunity to stop into her store, it’s called the Balmoral General Store, in Balmoral, Manitoba. The Lady’s name is Sylvia. Buy something from her, support her business, chat with her, and do me the favor of thanking her for caring enough about our Sable, to make the drive out to us.

Because no matter how many times I thank her, it will not be enough, and the one who really benefited from her caring and kindness is a mare, who not that long ago, could have been on the meat truck.

Our Sable is truly a Blessed Equine.