A Little Piece of Gold

Over the weekend, I got my hands on something that I’ve been trying to get for a few months now. Schedules didn’t line up, folks were busy, life happened. And then, just as things looked bleak-because things get lost, misplaced, forgotten about-a message, and a pick up point came through.

With glee we went to the City and made a stop to get this:

scancookie1That’s my Cookie’s registration papers. The back is even signed by the seller, so all I have to do is pay the fees, fill in the buyer area, and send it off. Then, I will get one just like this, only with my name listed as her owner. And, yes, that is a picture of my Girl as a baby…here’s a closer look:



What a little cutie pie!! She’s still adorable now, she’s just bigger. And has more attitude. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Gold

  1. Precious baby! Congrats on getting the papers.


  2. gail cavanaugh says:

    awww, cute baby girl


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