Sleeping Cookie

There are theorys about how comfortable a horse has to be in their surroundings in order to sleep. Some believe that horses will sleep anywhere, any time. Some believe that it takes a level of comfort and trust for a horse to sleep.

Whatever the truth is, we know, that horses have to sleep, and for a lot of the time they sleep standing up. However, horses also need the deep sleep that comes with lying down. Granted, they can lie for moments at a time, to get that sleep, but still, they need that time. Since they are prey animals, this happens more often when they do feel safe and comfortable.

That makes the following pictures even more special to me…

I stepped out to this scene

I stepped out to this scene

That’s Ruby, dozing…but then, I saw the big form on the ground…

looking a little closer...

looking a little closer…

Her head is down, and she’s completely relaxed…she can hear me walking over the snow, but stayed relaxed anyway.

Yup, my Cookie was laying down for her afternoon nap

Yup, my Cookie was laying down for her afternoon nap.

Enjoying sunning herself in the warm winter sunshine.



It’s a wonderful thing to see her so comfortable in her surroundings that she doesn’t hesitate to lay down, nor does she panic and get up when she hears me coming.