Snowy Day on the Farm

We have had a few blizzard warnings this winter…today we’re under another one. It was so bad out here, that Hubby had to turn around and come home, instead of going into work today. The highway-once he got there!-simply disappeared. 😦

Here’s the view from my front window:

out front, to the pasture is there, somewhere!!

out front, to the east…my pasture is there, somewhere!!

Here’s the view out back:

Good thing for the big tree!

Good thing for the big tree!

Beyond that tree is my field…my field goes for another 1/2 mile past that tree!! Um, yeah, it’s out there somewhere!

Tonight we’re looking at the snow stopping, but the wind coming up. So tomorrow, we’ll spend the day digging out. Then we have to take Daphne in to the vet for a cast check. It’s been 2 weeks since she broke her paw, and she seems to be doing well. Other than her trying to chew the cast, which results in The Cone of Shame. I’ll have to get pictures of that to show y’all, because oh my gosh, it’s funny!

Stay warm, friends!


One thought on “Snowy Day on the Farm

  1. Toosh says:

    Lots of fun with the tractor! Need some snowshoes? That’s what Paul’s family did to break trails out on their Balmoral property.


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