Reading over previous posts, I’ve realized that I haven’t shared how we came to have Sable. Y’see, when we first went to look at the horses with Blackbird Ranch and Equine Rehab, we were only thinking of 2 horses. I had set my sights on Cookie-who was, at that time, named Nikki. I admit, I had been following the rescue horses for over a year, and when she came into the rescue, I loved her from the very second I set eyes on her pictures. Her registered APHA name is Ima Midnight Tuxedo, and when we named the farm Midnight Calico, I knew, she was going to live out her days here.

We also were interested in meeting Ruby. She a strong boned girl, who, with some training, and riding miles on her, will be a fantastic partner for who ever rides her. Well, first meeting, she wanted nothing to do with me. Hubby and Kid, sort of, because they had the grain bucket. 🙂 But, we fell in love with her too, even if she was stand offish.

So, we put deposits down on the 2 of them, and away we went, dreaming of getting the girls paid for, and home on the farm.

Skip forward a month or so, and we had some time to drive down to the rescue again-about a 2 1/2 hour drive from home!-with the idea of paying off the girls and hopefully, solidifying a ride home for them. We almost missed the Ladies of Blackbird, but ran into them on the gravel road out/in, where we stopped, and they told us to go on to the farm, they’d meet us there.

They took us into the big pasture, where everyone was, and we met the latest horses that came into rescue. Sable had already been there for a month or so, but when we first went out, she wasn’t in the same pasture as Ruby. Well, the horses came at a gallop-and man, oh man, I was I had brought my camera!! What an amazing sight, to see all these creatures thundering towards us!

Kim and Jodi introduced all the newest horses, explained a little about each, and then introduced Sable and Miyo.

© Corinne Nykorak

© Corinne Nykorak

Miyo is a big, beautiful appaloosa mare. She really is a stunning horse, however, she has…issues. Not to take anything away from her, but this horse will need a very strong-willed, dedicated person to teach her manners, and train her. With the right person, I’m sure, she’ll be fine. That night though, when frustrated, she snapped at Kim’s face. She was frustrated because she kept trying to get close to The Kid, and someone was always in between her and The Kid. Miyo apparently just weaned a foal, so her attraction to The Kid may have had something to do with that. Some animals, once a Mum, always a Mum.

One of the someone’s who was always in between Miyo and The Kid was Sable. She placed herself in between the 2 every chance she got. Then, when we were ready to leave (okay, we didn’t want to leave, but it was getting dark, and everyone had to get home), all the horses galloped off to the other side of the pasture…except Sable.

Ms. Sable stood on the path, and she looked so sad. Kim made a comment about her waiting for a kiss. So Hubby and Kid both, walked back to her, and kissed her muzzle. She stood there, so calm, so happy, that they came back to her…and when they turned to leave, so did she.

As we drove home, we talked about adding Sable to our home. Oh, the other 2 were all for it, but I was hesitant. Crazy to think I was the one hesitating, but it’s true. Before I was ready to commit to anything, I had to make sure we had enough hay, or could get more. There was no way I wanted to take on another 4 hoofer, and not be able to provide the best care possible, and that always starts with food. So, I told them, no promises, but, if we can get more hay, then yes, Sable can come home too.

Well, as you’ve guessed by now, we did manage more hay, and our Sable-Girl came home with Ruby and Cookie. She will forever be a Midnight Calico horse, and for that I am grateful. She’s happy here, with The Kid, who dotes on her like she’s a pocket pony. She really is The Kid’s Heart Horse. I have told The Kid she’d better never leave the farm for long periods of time, because I am sure, Sable will die of a broken heart.

True love is a beautiful thing...

True love is a beautiful thing…




4 thoughts on “Sable

  1. Toosh says:

    Again, any story with a horse, is a good story!! The Story of Sable. It’s wonderful how there’s always more love we can give, it never runs out. Many times it’s so much easier to love animals than people. But that’s ok. Because with our heart full of love, a little (or a lot!) will surely spill over to people.
    How do the girls manage in these very very cold spells we’re having?


    • WolfSong says:

      Oh my, this cold is ridiculous!!
      Ruby and Cookie have been fine. We’ve upped feed for everyone, and made sure the salt and mineral blocks are dug out. They are not new to this outdoor 24/7 thing.
      Oh, our Sable though…we had a scare with her this morning, because she was shivering so hard, she didn’t have proper control of herself. She was shakey walking and being the giant pocket pony(looks like horse, sticks like glue to your behind), she was turning to us, trying to get help, and starting to panic.
      Kiddo ran to the house to get the rubber brushes, I started giving her a solid rub down(gets their circulation going) and Hubby had to remove the big ice chunks in her nostrils.
      Once we got her warmed up, the shivering to stop, and her eating again-horses eat to stay warm, which is why we’ve upped the food a lot!-then she was more like herself. A few oat and molasses cookies helped too.
      Then we popped over to Balmoral to buy her a blanket…I also have some polar fleece to layer underneath, if needed. Heck, if I had to grab a comforter off the bed, I would use that!!


  2. gail says:

    poor sable. my dog Q feels the cold and is first to want a sweater in the fall. enjoyed reading sable’s story.


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