Oh Daphne!!

A bit of excitement on the farm this past week. Not the good kind.
Our pup Daphne has been injured. She will recover though, and that is the very best news!

It all started with the couch…

We don’t allow dogs on the couch. Even when we were in the city, OldWoman was not allowed on the couch. Dogs, IMO, have their places to sleep…they have kennels, they have dog beds, they have rugs, they have the floor. In my home, dogs do not go on furniture. Call me mean, I don’t care. That’s how it is. Also, remember, we’re on a farm now, and one of Daphne’s very favorite things is freshly dropped horse shit. Yup, Puppy likes to roll in it, so no, she doesn’t get to go on the couch.

That said, she’s a puppy, and still learning that couch sitting is not for her. Usually a loud “Off” works, sometimes you have to call her name first, and then she takes a great leap off the couch and runs to you. Other times, she hears her name and sits and wiggles. Puppies!

Wednesday night, she decided she wanted to sit on the couch next to Daddy, and when she jumped up, Hubby and I both yelled “Daphne! Off!” Daphne went to make the great leap and landed wrong on her right front foot. It was apparent from the second she landed that she was hurt, and bad. She cried and cried and cried…The Kid started crying. Hubby grabbed Daphne, I hugged The Kid…Daphne peed from the pain.

Alright, clearly, a trip to the vet was necessary. Away we went…we tried the vet down the road, but his office was closed. Same with the one in the next town, so off to the city to the late night vet clinic.
Daphne rode in my lap the entire way, yelping a bit here and there, but mostly just snuggling. Every now and then she’d lick my face, and sigh.

Once we got to the clinic, the techs tried to weigh her…poor pup couldn’t put any weight on her paw though. Instead of poking and prodding, the vet just did a x-ray. Definitely for the best. And it turns out pup broke the bones across the top of her paw.

Look at your hand. Those bones across the back of your hand that link your wrist to your fingers? Yep, that’s what Baby broke. All 4 of them. 😦

The night vet thought she might have to have pins put in so that the bones would heal, but there was nothing she could do for us at 10:00 at night, other than splint Daphne’s foot and send us home. She sent the x-rays to the head vet, and to an orthopedic veterinary surgeon. Thursday morning we got the call that told us Daphne would not need pins-well, it would be a last resort, because 1. it’s invasive, 2. it takes longer to heal, and 3. it’s incredibly expensive-but the head vet wanted to set the bones better than the night vet had. He was sure he could give Daphne a better chance at 98% healed usage of the paw. So, away we went again, and Puppy had to go under for a full cast.

Daphne's Cast

This is what $1500 buys you…an armpit high puppy cast.

Her cast goes from her little puppy armpit to down past her toes. Thankfully, the vet put a fibreglass outer layer to it, because there is no way to have Daphne not use that leg for 6-8 weeks!

Getting some loving!

Getting some loving!

We have the wool sock over the cast to discourage chewingΒ  and to help keep her leg warm. One thing I remember from when I broke my leg was how cold the cast got, and fast!

Having some lettuce.

Having some lettuce.

She’s on tramadol for pain, which like most narcotics, tends to dehydrate. So, I have to make sure she drinks enough, but not so much that when she’s in the kennel she has accidents. If she gets the cast wet, it will have to be changed. So, lettuce! She’d never had lettuce before, and I figured giving her a chunk would be interesting. Plus, it has the added bonus of mental stimulation. Oh my, how Puppy enjoyed it! After all, iceberg lettuce is just crunchy water. πŸ™‚ Well, now it’s a dog toy too!


4 thoughts on “Oh Daphne!!

  1. Aw, poor Daphne! Must have landed just wrong enough.


  2. gail says:

    poor daphne. hope puppy heals quickly and completely. lettuce is a good idea for hydration. that’s mostly what iceberg lettuce is.


  3. Toosh says:

    These things always manage to happen at night. Or on a weekend. Especially a long weekend. Accidents have a sense of timing. They wait for the exact most inconvenient moment!
    Glad she’s mending.


  4. Teresa says:

    Hope she’s feeling better.


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