The Glamorous Life

We had to run into town last night for a few groceries. It doesn’t happen often, but I ran out of coffee. In order to save the entire farm from encountering an incredible horror, Hubby said, “Let’s go get some!” That Hubby, he’s a smart man. He knows, coffee will save his life. 😉

In the store we were goofing a bit about buying apples to share with the Girls. Well, we didn’t buy any, but the goofing off went on until we hit the cashier…and she, trying to be friendly jumped into the conversation. Kid had said something about Sable being an apple hog, and the girl wanted to know if Sable was her puppy…and I said “Yeah, if a 1200 lb horse can be a puppy!” Her reply was “Oh! You have horses!!” and off she went telling us about her friend who lives near the next small town to us, and that they like to drive the gravel roads and look at people’s horses, and how there’s 3 new ones on a particular road, and the 2 paints are gorgeous, especially the black and white one…

“Cookie” Kid says…”Her name is Cookie, and she’s my Mom’s horse”

And the gushing started again…LOL! Small community, word gets around with new animals, and this girl was so in love with the look of Cookie. So, I added, “The big Palomino girl is Sable, and that’s Kid’s horse”

Then the girl goes on to tell us how lucky we are (Yup, I agree!!) that our life must be so glamorous, having 3 horses! We can ride all the time, and lay in the straw with them and, and, and…

Oh my. Glamorous? Okay, here’s my “glamorous” day…

3:10 am…Hubby’s alarm goes off. I roll over and ignore it. He gets up, takes the dog out, leaves for work.
4:57 am…Daphne starts to whine from her kennel. Daddy is up, why isn’t anyone else?
5:02…I turn the alarm off-it isn’t supposed to go off for another hour, but hey, who can sleep through the puppy alarm anyways?
5:05…coffee is cooking, I hit the shower.
5:10… out of the shower, dress, take the puppy out, check on the girls-when its real cold, they’re in the shelter, and I just get quiet whuffs of acknowledgement. I leave them be, so I don’t wake them. Check the feeder, then take puppy back in and have coffee.
Somewhere between 5:45 and 6:30 I wake The Kid. Get her breakfast going, she eats, Daphne eats, I have another coffee.
7:30…out the door to feed the cats, check the Girls again, and fling hay.
8:00…Kid gets on the bus. I finish flinging hay, check the shelter for giant pony piles. Fork them out, and add new bedding if needed. Fork pony poo from around the feeder to the temporary pile-because come spring, we’ll figure out where to put the poo for composting-use the hay fork to re-fill the feeder with the strewn hay.
9:00…check on the Girls in the front of the pasture, climb the fence, and get some horsey loving from every one. Sometimes this happens before hay flinging too.
10:00…inside for coffee and breakfast, plus whatever house work needs doing.
11:00…sit down to do some “real” work. Photo edits, sewing, anything that some how will make the farm some money.
1:00…back out to check on the Girls and cats…make sure food and water are okay-both have heated water dishes, so I just check levels and make sure they are heating properly. Get a little horse loving…I try to remember to bring a brush out, so everyone gets a little grooming.
2-2:30…back in to start dinner, and have coffee.
3:30…outside again. Check the Girls, wait for The Kid to get off the bus…Hubby is usually home by now. Family horse loving ensues.
4:30ish…supper, clean up, feed the puppy.
5:00…Kid does homework, Hubby showers, I read the paper.
6:00…back into the cold weather gear, final hay check, make sure there is a lot for the night, make sure cats have food, some more horse love.
7:00…finally, a chance to sit on the couch, maybe watch a pvr’d show. Puppy plays with her chunk of broccoli.
8:30…Daphne goes out for the last time-Hubby takes one last look into the feeders, and the pasture out front to be sure the Girls are good, says goodnight to them.
9:00…lights out.

And that, folks, is my glamorous life!

Oh, and I must point out, never, ever do I want to lay in the straw with the Girls…I’ve seen them pee…it’s gallons at a time. Lay in the straw with them? Uh, no. Not unless I absolutely had to!


2 thoughts on “The Glamorous Life

  1. gail cavanaugh says:

    you’re living your dream. that’s more than glamorous. groucho likes to try to dig food out of simon macaw’s cage. i sweep up shredded paper about as often as you pick up strewn hay.


  2. Teresa says:

    Would love to be able to stay on the farm all day. Sounds like a great life, even if it isn’t glamorous.


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